Panic~A Justin Bieber Love Story

I know, i know. i have three other stories going but this came to me. plus i never thought i would write a JB love story. hope you enjoy

Chapter 1

On The Run


That's all i could do to get away from this terrible thing chasing me.
My feet pounded the concret.
I drove my feet into the ground, driving my self faster than most people thought a girl like me could move.
i flew around the corner and threw my body up the curb onto the school across the blacktop racing for the open field.
i knew he would catch me eventually but hopefully i would find a live soul when he did.
he scared the living daylights out of me but he would never know that nor hear about it or see it. He didnt deserve that satishfaction.


He deserved to rot in jail.
not to die, not for it to end and be over.
As long as im alive he will live and have to live the knowledge of the little girls' lives he had violated.
Granted we were all grown up and fighting for the justus that was rightfully for us but still.
he asked for hell and he was going to get alot more than his bargin.

I heard his boots grinding into the blacktop, making me all-out sprint.
I blew past the picnic tables and seemed to fly across the grass.
my lungs burned and i gasped to get air but i continued on, with what i knew was a snarl on my face.
i saw a group of what looked like teenage boys but i couldnt be sure with my glasses bumping up and down my nose.
Hope swelled in my chest at the site.
bless them for wanting to come hang here today at this time.
I put my head down and forced my legs to pump until i reached them.
I knew i looked like somebody confused me with a punching bag and i planned to use that to my advatage.

i was already half-way across, when my oversensitive hearing sent a massage to brain to let it know that Chris had made it to the field.
My ears also let me know that he was slowing down and his breathing was more laboring that mine.
he was starting to stop but i am one paranoid chick who didnt care that the signs told me if i slowed i would still be out of reach.
His pace slowed and came to a slow halt as i drew on my last reserves of strength to sprint the last few yards.
I skidded into the middle of the these guys game.
i gasped for breath and doubled over.
my eyes were closed but i knew i didnt have much time.

I turned my head to the side and opened my eyes...well as much as i could anyway.
My blackeyes' swelling was trying to get in the way.
Not much can catch me off gaurd at this point if you hadnt noticed.
But the person standing just a few feet away did.
it wasnt what he looked like or the way he was staring at.
oh god no.
i wanted to the punch that look off his face.
he was looking at me with pity and like he had this urge to protect me.
nope the thing that shocked me was who he was.
it was none other than Justin Bieber himself.

"hey! chick! Get out of our game!" yelled one of the guys.
I snarled and then did the one thing that i knew i would pay for later.
I made my face soften and looked and Justin.
"Please help me," i managed to just barly gasp out before i collasped to my knees in a coughing fit.
"hes after me. that man. dont listen to him when he says hes my father or something," i whispered.
"just please...get me out of here."
Justin looked at me and then towards Chris and i knew he was making a split-second desion.
i was losing consiousness which is never a good sign.
I thought about how it probally had to do with alll the running i had done.
"Guys! Pack up the stuff quick and get the car ready!" he called to his friends.
Justin hurried forward and picked me up.
He grunted, surprised by my wieght.
"Dang chick. What have been eating? bricks?"
"ill get you for that Bieber. its called muscle." i threatened weakly.
I was swearing to myself in my head.
Why did i let my temper get to me?
im sensitive about my wieght and dont like it when people tease it.
But this guy had no reason to help me and he had.
"Jeez youve got a vocabulary there."he chuckled.
we had made it to his Range Rover and he was struggling to open the door and not drop me at the same time.
i didnt think i had said anything out loud.
Thats when I saw Chris making his way over here and i scrambled out of Justin's arms.
I opened the door and hopped in.
he knew i had seen something and my small burst of energy was a blinking neon sign to move fast.
He flew around the car and started it up.
"come on, come on." i muttered.
i wasnt going to apologize or say anything until we were far enough away that i could breath-well not normally but a little better.
i closed my eyes and listened to the sounds of Justin's car racing through the quiet streets of my hometown.
I didnt speak until we hit the entrance to the high way.
"Thank you. I cant thank you enough for helping me. and i cant apologize enough for threatening you when you helped me." i said with more gratitude than i ever had in my life.
"Its not a problem at all. You looked like you needed the help."
oh great i had looked needy and helpless.
"where should i drop you off at?"
Oh crap.
I had no where to go and no clue where to go.
"ummm..." i let my voice trail off.
i gotta think fast.
This whole time his friends had stayed quiet.
well that didnt last for long because one of them decided to ask the difficult question that i didnt want to answer.
"Where do you live? im sure we can find it...eventually."Christian Beadles grinned.
i glowered out the window seeing all the familiar places i had been to in San Jose had to offer.

I tried to fight it.
But everything was coming back.
All the bad things.
My past.
The thing i feared the most.

"umm...Whats your name? i just realized i didnt ask that before." Justin said.
"My names Emily. Emily Solano."
"Ok Emily. Where are your parents? im sure theyre worried about you."
Tears threatened to fall and my throat burned.
I knew because i wasnt breathing very much to stop the tears i was going to start hipervenalating soon.
"emily? Are you still alive?" a shaky laugh came from the front seat.
i heard several gasps, including my own.
i couldnt believe i had just done that.

And then they fell.
My tears poured down my face and let the answers to their questions straem from my mouth.
"my parents are dead. theyve been dead for three days the exact same amout of time that ive been missing. i have no where to go or live because the rest of my family disowned me when i said i hated my egg downer."

the blackness was coming.
I welcomed it because of the peace it would bring me even if it was only for a little while.
Befor it hit i softly said,"im sorry."
and then i was alone in the blissifullly numbness unconsiousness brings.

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