A Little Power (A Greek Mythology Story)

Sophroina Teodora Tanner. The only thing "normal" about me is my last name. Not like it matters. I was your typical 15 year old high school nerd. Just trying to get though the last two years with out going though any major drama...Oh if only I knew how bad it would all get.

Chapter 1

Skunk Has Lice

by: ATJudge
I told myself I would put this up after I finished my other stories, but it can't wait any more!
I looked at my refection in the mirror. I raised my eyebrows, and twisted my mouth to the side. I went back to a neural look. I sighed, and pushed my glasses up. Clear grey eyes, sorta big flat top nose, thin lips.
"Well, as normal, this is a good as it's going to get."
I turned from my mirror, grabbing my backpack, and leaving my room.

It was short walk down the one hall in our house to our living/dinning/ kitchen area which was all opened.
"Morning Soph."
My mom placed a plate of freshly cut fruit onto the small kitchen island.
"Morning mom."
I grabbed a grape, and popped it into my mouth, sitting my backpack on the ground.

For as long as I can remember it's always been like this. Just me and mom. I never learned much of my birth father. My mom seemed to go to another place when I asked about him. All I learned is they met when she was performing on Broadway. He was some big powerful business man; my mom starring in a Broadway hit. He came to meet her after one show, and they hit it off. Much time later, my mom got her self preggers with me. So she had me, and that's where the stories ends.

I popped another grape into my mouth. A piece of straight black hair fell over my glasses, I blew up, flipping it out of my face. I looked up at my mother, her brown hair pulled back in a messy ponytail, she was still in sweats and a long sleeve t-shirt. With all the money she makes as actress, we could afford a better place then what we had, but she chose to put it away. Save it for college, or going out on a random shopping trip during Fashion Week.

I sighed, causing my mother to glance over at me.
"What's wrong?"
I pushed myself off of the counter top.
"Oh nothing, just thinking."
She let out a small chuckle.
"That's all you ever do," I went to protest, but she didn't stop her talking, "But I love you just the way you are. I like your brains. You most likely have more then I did at you age."
I gave her a smile, and kissed her cheek as I grabbed my backpack.
"Wait! You're not going to eat more!?"
I shook my head.
"No, I want to get to school early."
I could hear her sigh, her voice reached me just as I went to open the front door, hand on the knob and everything.
I turned, holding back a sigh.
"Yeah, mom?"
She leaned on the small door frame, and held up her hand in a rock on/I love you pose. I returned it.
"Love you too mom."
I let my hand fall, and closed the door.The cold air hit my face like bullets. Just another normal day in New York. I went left, and made my way past old miss Blu's. Who's I could see though her opened windows. I could see the old woman walking around in her robe, and slippers. Her head was full of curlers, and she "chased" after her cat, Martin.
"Morning Miss.B."
She looked up, fixing her glasses, looking around."
"Over here, Miss Blu!"
She faced me,
"Oh! Oh, good morning Sophie. You look nice"
"Thank you. Have a good day."
I gave her a small wave, and made my way to the down the stairs.
(outfit http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=43930993)
If it wasn't for my mother, I wouldn't wear the ''fashionable" clothing that I wore. If it was up to me, I'd go to school in my pj's. But it wasn't. My mother already allowed me to be the born-wall flower I am, and doesn't force me to do my hair, or wear any "real" make up. She draws the line at my outfits.

It was about a six block walk from my house to school. We lived in a nice split-complex house in Tribeca, New York. Close enough to the city for my mom, but with a better crime rate, nice houses, and good schools for me. It was a plus that it was close to Soho too. I mean, I may not be a huge fan of most fashions, but I'm still female.

Half was to school, my stomach growled. So I stopped by a drug store, grabbing some very unhealthy donuts. I snacked on them as i exited the store, and got hit by a girl pushing around cart.
"Oh! I am sorry."
I gathered my things standing.
"It's fine really."
The first thing I noticed as I looked up at her was her bright blonde hair. It was so light it was almost white.
"No really, I'm sorry."
I shook my head, dusting myself off. She moves back, and I walk pass her. We nodded heads, and I continued on my way to school.

As I walked up to the school steps, I dumped my container into the trash, leaving three out of the five doughnuts uneaten. I could eat them all, plus another case full. But living in New York, with all the fashion, and theaters, it's hard to be a little wider then the average model. I mean, I could stand to loose a few pounds at 5'5, I weigh 138 pounds.

"Hey Sop!"
I stopped mid way on the steps, as my best friend bounced up the stairs to me.
"Morin Alice."
Once she reached me, we started up the stairs. I really had no idea how Alice became my friend. She stood 5'10, with long sleek mocha-chocolate color skin. Her bright unnatural red hair was always perfectly placed, and she was always dying it. She was the perfect size 5-6, and could be a model if she wanted.

We walked into the front office court area, with the glass walls showing off the main offices, and then the rest was opened. Looking up, you had a straight view of a small part of every level of the three story school. Our lockers were on the top floor, so we had yet another climb to go.

As we opened our lockers a voice rang out though the sorta-quite halls.
"Oh look who it is, the Sunk and she has Lice!"
I slammed my locker closed, and there leaning up against her own, with her drones behind her, was Tara Egan. I rolled my eyes as I turned to her.
"What do you want Tara?"
She shrugged.
"Oh, nothing much, I just want the rodent with her lice to move away from my locker."
I curled my lip up.
" I wouldn't be talking, remember the summer of seventh grade?"
She huffed, as she slammed her locker. She turned, and stormed off. Her two drones following her. Alice laughed behind me.
"That was a good one Soph."
I sighed, and turned towards her.
"Sure," I grabbed her hand, " Come on, we need to get to rehearsal."

Tara Egan was your wanna-be super star/model/ millionaire. She had unnatural blonde hair, her natural was red, and perfectly fake tanned skinned. Growing up she had pale white skin covered in freckles, at 13 she convinced her daddy to pay for bleaching treatments. Now she goes tanning once a month.

It's one of those classic best friends turned enemy stories. Up until the 8 th grade we had been BFFs. The summer going into 8 th, I went off on vacation with my mom, and Tara went off with her family. That fall she acted like she had no idea who I was. She went from bestie to snob in a few seconds. Her parents got a divorce, and some how me not being available all summer had pissed her off. It didn't help that I got the main role in the biggest play of the year. That made her hate me even more. Now as 11 th graders, her hate had only grown more.

Tara was your typical cheerleader wh*o*re, and I wouldn't be surprised if she had, if not more than one, STD. Everything about her was so unnatural. Too white teeth, too tan skin, big plump lips, and a barbie- like figure. She got a kick of trying to make me feel like crap. Like calling me "Skunk" because of my near-white blonde pin strip I have. It was some I had been born with, and had dyed when I was younger. Now she thinks it's a fake, and calls me a skunk.

Alice and I rushed down the stairs to the second floor, and over to the auditorium. The balcony entrance was on the third floor, as was the control room. The other two floors slid down to a stage which rested a few feet under ground.

"Nice to see you Ms.Tanner and Ms. Buckley, you are only ten minutes late."
I looked at my phone, it was 7:30 on the dot. We were right on time, but with Mrs.Wells it was different. She always said:
"If you're early you're on time, if you're on time you're late, and if you're late you're gone."
We sat down in the second row, along with everyone else.
"Sorry Mrs.Wells."
She shook her head, and waved her hands.
"No matter, as I was saying. Our winter show this year, as you all know, is Greece, not Grease. Written by our own Marlene Dater."
Mrs.Wells waved a hand down from the stage, to Marlene who stood. She smiled as we all clapped for her. I was happy for Marley, she'd worked three long years on the play, and would finally shine.
"Okay, okay!" Mrs.Wells waved her hands for us to stop. " We have a new student to the drama club, her name is Macaria Suda. Macaria, please, stand. "
A girl sitting in the front rows a few seats to my right stood. They first thing I noticed was how she was a real-life Snow White. She had short black hair kept in a long-ish pixie fashion, and her skin was paler than snow. As she turned I saw she had bright red lipstick on her thin lips. Her grey eyes popped out behind the smokey eye shadow she had on.
(Outfit http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=45389874)
As her eyes scanned the rows of people. her eyes met mine. It felt like a small bolt of lighting went though me. Something within was willing me to get to know her better. I felt as if I should have already have known her.

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