WWYFF - "The Golden Key" {{Important Update}}

This is for those few awesome people who have been following "The Golden Key" during the few weeks I've been here on Quibblo~

Chapter 1

by: rushwing
This is going to sound so much more dramatic than it really is. Plus it also hinges on the fact that there are people who actually read my wwyff. xD

But! Anyway! Onto the point~

Unfortunately, I will be unable to publish any more chapters of "The Golden Key" on Quibblo. Which is an absolute shame, because I've only just started here and I was really hoping to be able to get some more out and meet other folks on here.

Now, what has happened?

Quibblo's dreaded "An unexpected error has occurred" has.

I'd had a couple of issues publishing even the first two chapters, and while frustrating, I'd at least had the sense to save a draft so I can copy and paste it into a second page of the quiz editor. No biggie; I could deal with that.

The dreaded Error has now spread to my "Saved Drafts" folder.

I can't access it at all, and it doesn't take a genius to see where my problem now lies. My quizzes are very long. Doing them all in one sitting is either nigh on impossible or it runs the risk of that dreaded Error message returning and ruining an entire afternoon's work.

Now, I've tried to contact Quibblo in a few different avenues to see if there was a way to fix my broken Drafts folder, but after a week or so I haven't even heard a peep from them.

So there's not much else I can do. So unless someone out there knows how I can rectify the situation, this means that there won't be any more chapters.

All I've got left to say now is, for anyone who really wishes to see what happens next, I can point you to Chapter 3 that I've published on Quizilla:



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