Safe and Sound (The Hunger Games)

Okay, so I read the Hunger Games Series..... I LOOOOOVE IT! So I decided to make a fanfiction :D TA-DA!
This is set a year before Katniss and Peeta are chosen :D

Chapter 12

Final Goodbyes.

We arrive in sight of the cornucopia, hiding away, not knowing if anyone else was here, it must have been close to dawn, especially after my little incident.
I took a deep breathe and steadied myself, Gale clutched my hand. I could tell he was really nervous.
"Heres the plan, Im going to go in and grab both of our bags, I will leave the other 11 bag there, Ill make sure Ill grab the one with your name on it. You stay here, and as soon as I come running back be prepared to run, okay? No coming out of our spot unless I say, deal?" He asks.
"Okay." I tell him, although if he runs into trouble I knew I wouldnt be staying put. Gale looked up at the sky and whispered ten minutes, we spent ages in silence holding each other.
"This is it." Gale whispers, he grabs me and kisses me passionately. "I love you." He breathes.
"I love you too Gale, please be careful." I whisper back. The sun begins to shine at the edge of the sky. Gale stands up, the grass in the middle of the cornucopia opens, revealing a table, a green table cloth spreas across it, ontop of the table I see four bags, One with 12 on it, two with 11 and one with an 8 on it, before I could say anything Gale is running across to the table, out of the corner of my eye I see movement, I look towards the movement. I see Jerico, he looks well due to the circumstances. He was weilding a very strong looking knie collection and could tell from the position I was at he was wearing armour. He ran towards the table and for the first time he spotted Gale. Hre wavered a little but continued for the table. I seen Felicia come out of what must have been her hiding spot, she took out her dart gun and aimed it straight at Gale, he fell to the floor clutching his arm where the dart must have struck him. Felicia begins to run towards Gale and now I can feel myself running straight for her, holding out my knife that Gale let me take, I lunge myself at her. Suprised at how fast I got there, I must have looked mad, I sure felt mad.
"Ahhhh!" She squealed, losing balance. I struck her leg but she pushed me off, for one second I looked at Gale, by the look in his eyes I could tell he was in so much pain. I mouthed I love you to him and he nodded. I looked past Felicia to see Jerico stalking over to Gale, one of his knives raised. He was about to attack.
"JERICO!" I scream as loud as humanly possible. Felicia instinctively covered her ears as I pinned her down to the ground.
"Please, dont hurt him." I yell. He looks at me clearly conflicted. I knew in that moment he was not going to lose this game. He leant down and pushed the knife into Gales heart.
"NOOOOO!" I scream wildly as Gale's cannon goes off. I get up from Felicia and run towards Gale, the tears coursing down my face. I reach Gale and hold his lifeless body in my arms, his blood seeping out. I look up at Jerico, he is clearly stunned. I lean down and kiss Gale, closing his eyes. "I love you." I whisper. "I'm so sorry!" I could feel my tears splash onto his cheek. I am too unaware that I don't feel Felicia behind me, it wasnt until I felt her knife slash down the nside of my body. I know in that moment, this was the end for me. I hold Gale as tight as possible, not even trying to hold on anymore.


I hear my district partner's, Avery, cannon go off. I look up at the girl who slashed out at her. I knew that one of us was going to die. I took a deep breath readying myself for the battle. I had known as soon as my knife plunged into that boys heart that him and Avery had something going on, which certainly suprised me. I was mad, mad at the girl in front of me for killing Avery, especially in front of me. Dont get me wrong. I wanted to live, but if I had to die, I wanted Avery to go home, I guess the feeling is mutual for everyone. They always wanted themselves, their district partner or their ally to win. I was protected by my armour that a sponsor had given to me. I took a lunge at the girl but she moved quickly out of my way to my suprise. I hear a noise close by, which honestly scared me, knowing this girl and I were the only ones in the arena. I looked around, preparing myself to run, a mutt, I could feel it. I was correct, out from the trees shot out three.... tigers? I began to run away, there was no way I was sticking around to see what they really were, I turn my head slightly to ee the girl frozen in fear, I recognise her as the girl who was teamed with the careers, of course she now wouldnt know what to do because the careers werent around I ran away from the cornucopia, leaving the girl screaming in agony. I stop at a small pond and splach my face, I take out my half full bottle of water and begin to take sips out of it, eventually emptying the bottle. The girls screams were getting more horrifying. I looked up at the trees knowing I may have to quickly climb one if worse came to worse. I could no longer hear the girl screaming, and after a few minutes her cannon went off. I steadied myself. Have I won?
"Ladies and gentlemen," I hear Claudius Templesmith's voice boom out. "I am pleased to present the victor of the Seventy-third annual Hunger Games, Jerico Kinsley! The tribute for District 11." I see a hovercraft above me and a ladder drops down. My face, I know, is in a state of shock, confusion but a tiny bit of pride.

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