Safe and Sound (The Hunger Games)

Okay, so I read the Hunger Games Series..... I LOOOOOVE IT! So I decided to make a fanfiction :D TA-DA!
This is set a year before Katniss and Peeta are chosen :D

Chapter 1

The Reaping of the 73rd Annual Hunger Games.

I had it alot easier than everyone in District 11, and I knew it. At 16, not once had I have to work, yet people youngr than me had to. I ated it, but there wasnt a thing I could do about it. I tried all the time though giving to people who couldnt afford it. Being the Mayor's daughter was easy, but dealing with seeing people starve, whilst you had it so much was hard.
I woke up too early, but then again most people did on this day... Reaping Day, the Capitol called it a holiday, whic is quiet ironic, considering this will be the day when we will find out which two children will be sent to their deaths. I could count myself relatively safe, but then again no one was ever safe from these sorts of things. My name was in that ball only 15 times, there were people who had their name in there at least 30 times. They did this for tesserae, it hurt to see the little twelve year olds having their names entered 7 or 8 times. But of course we couldnt do anything about it, the Peace Keepers were strict, apparently more strict than some other districts. I changed into a dress, and walked downstairs before I left I grabbed a bag and filled it full of food, I walked outside to the Town Centre, it felt wierd, it wasnt as packed as usual.
"Hi." I smiled at a girl, I had seen her around, her name was Elina Maverick, her brother had passed away two years ago in the Hunger Games, her family now struggled, they had to wait until Elina was old enough for tesserae, this year she was finally old enough.
"Hi." She smiled up at me.
"How are you?" She asked, her mood not dampened by her first Reaping.
"Im okay, and you?" I asked.
"Oh, you know nervous." She breathed out.
"Naturally. I tried to keep emotionless. "Have you eaten?" I asked.
"Nah, Im here with my siblings." She said.
"Oh, which ones?" I asked, She was one of six, used to be seven. she had two younger brothers and three younger sisters. Luey, 2, Regan, 10, Enna, 9, Gina, 5 and Mira, 7.
"Regan, Gina and Mira." She told me. Four of them, desperately trying to get some food.
"You hungry?" I asked.
"Sure..." She whispered.
"Give me your bag." I told her, she handed me her bag reluctantly and I scooped in handful after handful from my bag to hers. Her bag was smaller than mine. It was full to the top and mine was still halfway. I looked at the girl infront of me, she seemed so happy, knowing her and her family will eat well today, I had given her bread, nuts, fruit, meat, you name it. Probably things she nor her family had ever eaten in their lives. She was a beautiful child, apart from the fact that she was underweight,she had dark skin, and dark hair, her eyes were a light golden colour, she looked no older than 10, yet she was 12. Her brothers and sisters looked similar. Her older brother, Link who had passed away in the Games always had girls chasing him. I didnt look like many people around here, I had black hair, that feel in curls below my shoulders, green eyes and lightly tanned skin, my brother Kyan and I looked similar, except he was tall and I was short, he was on the chubby side and I was skinny. Instead of green eyes like I had, he had brown. He fit in here more than I did. I knew so many people but I was close to no one.
After a conversation with Elina, I let her go, back to her family. I walked around handing out more food and wishing people luck.
After a while, I rushed back home. I didnt realise the time, it was nearly 11:30 when I got home.
"Where have you been?!" My mother exclaimed.
"Sorry Ma, I went into town." I apologised she grabbed me and hugged me kissing my forehead. My brother came into the living room and seen me, he looked so scared, I knew he didnt want to be chosen, and I couldnt help him out in anyway if he did get chosen. We sat down to lunch, my father came in halfway, rushing out quickly. I got so furious, how could he approve of this? How could he let the Capitol take innocent children? Im never having children, not letting the Capitol take them.
My brother wore a pair of dress pants and a button up shirt, I wore a dress and my hair fell into its curls, we left and made our way to the Town Centre. I hugged Kyan tightly, and we got split apart. I was close to the back, being 16.
My Father, Madilyn Jefferys; the escort for our District entered the make-shift stage. My father said his sppech, and the mentor for our District stumbled on stage. He, Chaff, always seemed to be drunk, him and the mentor from District 12.
"Welcome to the Reaping of the 73rd Annual Hunger Games!" Madilyn smiled as if it was an accomplishment. "First of all the girls!" She said eagerly, she looked too fake- thats what was 'in-style' at the Capitol. Everyone sucked in a deep breath, waiting for the announcement, we knew someones sister, daughter, niece, cousin and friend will be taken, probably never to be seen again. "Elina Maverick!" Madilyn smiled, the little girl let out a whimper, her mother screamed it all seemed so surreal, this little girl being sent to her death, my legs seemed to be moving by themselves, pushing through the crowd.
"NO!" I shouted as the little girl set foot on the first step of the make-shift stage,
"We have a volunteer!" Madilyn shouted gleefully. Elina looked so scared. I wasnt going to give the Capitol the satisfaction of taking another Maverick. Better me than her.
"Go back!" I instructed Elina but she stood there dazed.
"Our volunteer come up here!" Madilyn laughed at her own rhyme. I gave Elina a nudge back to the crowd. I looked out at the corwd. I seen my mother- tears fallingfreely down her face she was screaming unintelligably.
"My, my, my! What do we have here?" Madilyn grabbed my face and turned it in both directions. "If it isnt little Avery Delta! The mayors daughter!" A tear ran down my cheek, but seeing my brother out in the crowd I willed myself to stay strong. I had to come back for him, if I didnt come back he wouldnt have a reason to stay, Mom would fall into a deep depression, no way to come out, and Dad would never be around. I had to make it back- for Kyan.
"So now we have Avery!" She crossed the stage to the other ball. The boys name was Jerico Kinsley, a year younger than I was. No one voluntered for him, I felt kind of bad but I knew there would be others younger than him in the arena. I dont think I will be able to kill any of them. Jerico stole a glance at me and I tried my best to avoid his glance. My aim for this whole Game is not to get close to anyone. Especially anyone from my District, it will just leave me more hurt.
I was going into this completely unprepared- not knowing anything on surviving skills.

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