The Runaway Princess

A girl goes on the run after her sister returns to their private boarding school bloody and nearly dead. Gina decides that she has to run. She has no other choice. When Gina meets a boy at public school, she thinks that everything is perfect. Until he is killed by the people wanting to know her secret. What happens to Gina's perfect world when she finds out that she's next in line for throne because they killed her mother and father? What happens when Gina runs for her life?

Chapter 1

Return of Jennifer

Make sure we find her first. Those words hadn’t left my mind for the past year. We still hadn’t found her.
“She’s back.” Someone yelled down stairs. I left my room and saw my friends all freaking out.
“Jennifer is back.” A lot of them were screaming. Jen was back.
“Jen is back?” I asked my friend Mia.
“Yes, she crawled on to campus grounds about five minutes ago. She literally crawled. The head mistress and nurse are with her right now.” Mia said. Jen was back.
I could be at ease now; Jen was the only thing making sure I hadn’t gotten a good night sleep in a year.
“Gina, they need you in the head mistress’ office.” A girl named Kelsey said. I nodded and hurried down the stairs.
“You requested to see me,” I said when I walked in her office. Jen was lying on a couch. She was snoring, and I could tell that she was pretty beat up. She had blood under her finger nails, her hair was so tangled, you couldn’t really tell what color or length it was. (Strawberry blonde, and ten inches from the bottom or her ears in case you’re wondering.) She had a dozen different bruises on her one arm. On her other arm, well… there was a bullet hole, and bloody scratches. The head mistress looked at me and knew the same thing I was thinking.
“We didn’t find her first.” She said. I nodded trying to hold back tears. “Gina, your sister will be fine.” The head mistress said. I looked at Jen’s broken and bloody body.
“Why couldn’t it have been me?” I asked.
“They wanted to make sure you felt the pain. They want you, but they don’t want you yet. Just trust me Gina, you hold the key. They want to make you suffer until you give them the answer. The only way they’ll do that is by hurting your family and friends.” The head mistress said.
“Why do they want the answer so badly? It’ll just kill more of them to get it.” I said feeling how dry my throat had gotten.
“They know were prepared. They don’t know how prepared though.” She said. “Gina, it’ll all turn out fine. I swear.”
That’s what got her killed. That’s what set me on the run. I haven’t forgotten the last time I saw Jen healthy. It was a little over a year ago. We were still young, but we were still being pursued.
“Jen, swear that you won’t tell anyone anything.” I said to her that day.
“I swear, I won’t tell anyone anything.” We had been talking about running away.
“Gina, what happens if you get hurt?” She asked me.
“Keep running. Don’t let them catch you.” I said.
“Ok, I’ll make sure to run. They’re only after you.” She said laughing.
“Shut up Jen,” I said laughing. We then went to our separate rooms, and Jen was nowhere to be found the next morning.
I have to pull myself together. Jen’s back at school, with a new head mistress. Maybe because the last head mistress tried to stop me from running by running after me. She was gunned down late last night. I was still running. I hid in a tree for the night and fell asleep.


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