Like Nobody Else ~A Liam Payne Love Story

so, i was having an idea for a liam love story, and i thought that since there are so many one direction lovers out here i should see what you guys think! :) let me know please if i should continue or not because if you dont tell me, i wont!

Chapter 1


Character info:
Name:Charolotte Hayes
Age:18 (same as liam)
Hair:Wavy light brown/caramel
Eyes:light green
Nicknamed:Char (pronounced "Shar), Lottie
Personality:she is a bookworm, shy around people she doesnt know, very smartm, is studying to become a doctor in England, hates seeing others in pain or sad, loves small children

Charolotte's POV:

My move to England was over two months ago, yet it felt like yesterday.I still had my quickly-fading-American accent to prove it. I loved it here in England, yes, but I was just starting college, I was entitled to a little home-sickness wasn't I? It had been My dream to be a doctor ever since middle school. My father had been especially supportive of that dream too. I was the oldest of three children to wonderful parents. My sister was younger than me by a year, my brother by four.
I had settled into my apartment nicely, and all of my things fit. I especially loved it because of it's closeness to the library. It was a lovely library too. It had two stories (lolm stories in a library, sorry for my unintentional and horrendous joke, onto the story!), and all of the librarians seemed so friendly. The library was an excellent place to come and do homework and to relax. After two months of coming twice a week, all of the staff had learned my name. I even volunteered once in a while when I had the time.
I hadn't felt myself move forwards until my back left the.....well back of my chair. I couldn't help myself. The book on Marie Antoinette had just been so interesting. I had been reading it for 3 hours now, and my stomach was telling me it was time for a lunch break. I was sad that I could not eat in here, so I resorted to going to the cafe across the street.
I made my way over to the checkout counter and couldn't help but notice how happy Michelle looked today. Michelle was the young, blonde librarian that always worked the counter on the left. As I made my way up the line, I pondered reasons why she could be in such a good mood. Sure, Michelle was a bubbly person, but not this bubbly. When I reached her I noticed the ring on her left hand. It glittered in the libary lights.
"Michelle!", I whisper-squealed. She looked up, and smiled. "When", I demanded in my whisper voice. She checked out my book while she talked. "This morning, at breakfast", she said. "I am so happy for you Chelly!". It was true, I was. We had become close friends lately.
I crossed the street and came upon the little cafe. I thought it was just about the best cafe in my area. It was so warm and inviting. After I had ordered my latte and panini, I sat down and read until I was finished eating.
Upon re-entering the library, I noticed it was getting late and I should get ready to go. I convinced myself to stay for one more chapter. Of course, that one chapter turned into about 15. I was still reading when I sensed someone sit in the chair infront of me.
I looked up and saw a guy wearing a hoodie, with the hood blocking his face from the sides. (liam: It only took a moment to recognize who it was.

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