Hey. This Is Me.

Chapter 1

So Here It Is...

by: Luvli_Grl
I have been in 8th grade for the past semester and I can't believe it's 3rd nine weeks right now. But I'm really upset now. Something happened to me these past few weeks.

So, when I go to lunch with my 7th block class, I sit with the girl because there are only seven girls in my class and like 20 something boys. Anyway, so I hang out with my friend Iyanna a lot on these days.
Our teacher allows us to go to the bathroom after lunch. We walk into the bathroom and Mariland calls me over. She asks me about why I spend time with Iyanna so much. Then she asks me if I had a crush on Iyanna. I was really shocked.
I was losing my voice that day, so I couldn't talk very loud. Not to say I have an issue with people who aren't straight, but I am straight. I'm not lesbian or bi or homo. Mariland didn't think that I was telling the truth so she freaking yelled to my whole class that I was a lesbian.
Now, before I go on, like I said I am not a lesbian. I like three boys at my school. One is Saquan, the other is Kenneth, and there is this boy at my church named Jymond. I am dating Jymond though. But she yells it to the whole class at lunch, so the table behind us hears.
The only reason I sit my Iyanna a lot is to see Saquan because his table is right behind ours. He heard and now for sure he doesn't like me anymore. Now Mariland has all the girls wrapped around her finger and now I've become a social outcast.
The boys don't care. They don't believe it. Iyanna doesn't want me to sit by her at lunch anymore. I have to sit with the boys at lunch now, but I kind of like sitting there. i have a friend named Kenny who sits with me and he tries to do these lame magic tricks where you hide something in your sleeve and it magically appears in your hand. I think it's nice how he tries to cheer me up though. I appreciate it.
Honestly, I do care what other people think even though I don't act like it. SO what Mariland said really hurt me. We were never friends to begin with and she doesn't even know me. She made a rumor about me that is now going to haunt me for the rest of 8th grade.
Thanks for reading my story. This is a real life experience by the way. Everything I said is REAL.

~Luvli_Grl (who is very upset right now) was here


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