this is going to be a story about everyones happy memories, whatever makes you smile when you think about it. No matter how long ago or how vage the memory.

Write in comments if you want to write a chapter!!!

Chapter 24

Mntal Dinosaur.

It began second week of July 2012. I was in the park. Hiding in this tunnel thing. ready for when the car pulls up. I forgot what she looked like, my best friend for one month. She lived one state over, and visited her grandma every July. I sat in the tube, waiting...Her grandma, her, and her autistic little brother were going to pull up any moment. I notice the graffiti. Who draws swear words on the inside of these children play things anyway? What? Don't got anything better to do then vandalize a playground? The car pulls up, and I pull myself up through the tube, and down the big slide. I was barefoot, and the hot sun on the pavement felt good against my feet as I ran towards the opening door. The grandma, Jan steps out first. Then Jack. He looked excited. Then such a familiar face smiled at me and opened the door. We talked all afternoon. catching up. Our conversations ranging from Anime to Zebras. We linger on what we would do when I go back to her house. We walked around the parking lot, and swung on swings. A laugh in every statement. I told her how I called her Mental dinosaur, because how she randomly roared last year. We decided my nickname would be ElmoShoe because of my red flip-flops with little Elmo faces on them. When we got to her house, I got another tour, and we swam cuz her house was on the lake. We ate our favorite food. Grilled Cheese and werewolf blood (apple juice) We stayed up all night, literally. We hung out on the computer at 6 in the morning. and this was the beginning. Her real name is Emma Rain Cutter. I will never forget her.

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