Holden on for you (Brian Holden Love story)

Hi, I've had another brainwave for a story I'm English by the way so any reference you don't get just comment and ask and I'll try and find out what it means in American. Anyway enjoy and please check out my other starkid love story To be or not be isn't the question, it's Criss or Richter?

Chapter 1

I've already fallen in love with Hermonie Granger

"Brian" I shout backstage looking for my best friend. We had been best friends since I could remember and luckily had got into the same collage to do the same course and here I was now about to go on and play Hermonie along side my closest friends in a play I'm sure no one will come to watch but was fantastically written by Brian.
"I'm here. Katie what's up?" He ran up to me and I took his hand and pulled him into a spare room.
"I'm freaking out. What if no one comes to watch it, which they should because you and the Lang's have done an amazing job on the script, but then what if no one wants to see a Harry Potter paraody? Then if they do turn up what if I mess my lines up and ruin the whole show? And then what if I hit----" Brian put his hand across my mouth.
"Just calm down and brea---EWWW! You did not just lick me." He says stepping back.
"I did. And I'll do it again."
"Now there's the Katie who's going to steal the show."
"I'm just nervous that's all Brian."
"I would be worried if you weren't. Listen." He pulls me into a hug and I just wrap my arms around his waist and I don't want to let go. "You are going to take all that nervous energy and you are going to use it to give a fantastic performance. We didn't cast you in that part because you're my best friend, put because you are an amazing actress and singer and dancer and all round person."
"Two minutes Katie where are you?" I hear Joey shouting outside. I reluctuntly let go of Brian, my rock he was always there when something had gone wrong in my life whether that was boyfriends or when my parents split, he was always there.
"I better go." I whisper.
"Yes and steal the show" He says smiling at me and opening the door.
Oh my Rowling she is breathtaking. I'm sat watching her from the wings watching her come alive and I'm not on there with here. Her hair may be a mess but her beauty is so hard to hide. She never sees it herself but I see it time I look at her. I've always felt something more than friendship for her ever since she started dating Harry Jones in 8th grade.
I could never find the right time to tell her how I felt and watching her perform just keeps reminding me why I love her. Even off stage she has that glow and brightness to cheer up a room and has the best personality I have ever know.
Oh no, this was the hardest part when her and Joey kiss. I know it was just a stage kiss but I know for a fact that Joey use to like her in more than a friendway as well. He said he had got over it but I always worry that this kiss might be the reason they start to date and that would be someone else I lose her to.
But then if I did try to make her mine and she doesn't want me then surely I make our friendship awkward and I can't afford to lose her.
"Brian, how's it going?" Matt asked as he came to stand beside me.
"She's amazing, I mean the play's amazing." I quickly correct myself.
"No she's amazing and believe me you should talk to her tonight." He walks away and I start to contemplate the possiblity that maybe Katie likes me back.
"Oh my wizarding God that was insane!" I yell running off stage and jumping into Brian's arms. "That went so well. I can't believe it. Did you see how many people turned up?"
"Yeah we might have to add a few extra nights by the sound of what a few were saying."
"I know the script you worte was amazing and the songs that Darren and AJ did were just.....ARGH!!! It's all just so good." I say with a massive grin on my face.
"You were fantastic as I said you would be."
"Well I messed up the haramony on not alone and a few times I got my words mumbled-"
"You were perfect" Everyone had now filtered past us so it was just us left alone in this little wing. "You are perfect."
"You're not so bad yourself." I say. "We should do a sequel!"
"Maybe we should wait for this one to be over first."
"You could be maybe Lupin. You would be awso--" Brian's lips were against mine and instead of his soft warm lips feeling weird like I had always thought, they felt exactly right like our lips were made to match. So instead of pulling away I carried on kissing my best friend and a fire was ignited in my belly that I didn't even realise was there before.

"You could maybe be Lupin. You would be awsom-" I couldn't help it she looked so perfect and beautiful. I knew this was my one shot and I had to take it. Her lips were as soft and better than I had ever imagined. I kept waiting for her to pull away but instead her hands found my hair and mine found her waist, I didn't want this moment to end. But it had to.
I pulled away and press my forehead against hers.
"Now why have you never done that before?" She asks while both of us have smirks on our lips.
"You tell me" But this time her lips meet mine.

Author: Hope you like it even though it feels like a one shot I will make more chapters. Anyway please comment and rate :D

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