How To: Draw Mythical Creatures (Original Story)

Group story with Quizgirl912! Enjoy! If you a brilliant, mind-boggling idea for the title of the story, please inform us, and if you have the time on your hands, well, we're absolutely crazy about comments, so spam us! (Not literally, but you know . . . )

Again, enjoy!

Chapter 3

Chapter Three

Anastasia's POV

The phone rang for the twentieth time (I'd been counting), but I refused to pick up still and sat with my back turned towards the window, well aware that Wednesday was probably staring at me. I could basically feel her eyes burn into my spine.

Don't pick up the phone, Ana, I warned myself, fighting against the urge to answer the call.

It was to no avail.

I picked it up with trembling hands and flipped it open, pressing it to my ear. "Y-yes?"

I expected her to make a sharp remark about my refusal to answer her call, but suprisingly enough, all I heard were panicked breaths. "Wendy?!"

"There-- there-- " she gasped.

"Wendy? Wendy?! What's wrong?!"


A wave of relief shot through me, and I laughed loudly-- nearly gasping for breath. "Oh, Wednesday! Stop, go to sleep, don't be ridiculous!"

"Ana! The creature I saw in the forest-- I swear, it's a goblin!"

"Wendy, goblins don't exist. Plus, there was nothing with us in the forest. Calm down and go to sleep," I told her firmly, shaking my head slightly. I was unable to keep the slight laugh out of my voice. Goblin! Oh my . . .


"Wendy, it's about time you got rid of your childish fantasies. Get some rest, we'll talk againt tomorrow. We'll be laughing about this. Good night!"

Before she had a chance to protest, I snapped the phone shut and rolled my eyes. This would have to stop sooner or later, or the next thing she'd see were unicorns!

I closed my ( way too) yellow curtains, relieved as I noticed Wednesday had closed hers as well. Good.


I walked through the hallway, trying to avoid the big groups that seemed to consider me invisible. Handsome boys, girly girls, the quiet people that always sat together in a corner, planning their death, the tomboys--I swerved aside as a team of cheerleaders practically stormed towards me--and the weirdos. Which meant Wednesday and I.

"Oof!" I grunted as the above-mentioned person crashed into me, her face nearly angry. "Take it easy, Wendy!"

"We need to talk!" she growled, all red and sweaty. A vein pulsed in her forehead.

I glanced around uncomfortably and ducked as a ball nearly hit my head. "Wendy, is this still about yesterday's devil or ghost or-- what was it again? A pigmy?"

"Goblin," she corrected me, her eyes twinkling in excitement. "I have to show you something!"

"Wait, first you wanted to talk, and now you want to show me? Don't tell me you're turning your guinea pig into one."

"No, no, no!" she said impatiently, brushing her hair back. "You have to trust me, Ana!"

I gave her a skeptical look and she frowned. "You have to trust me."

"Trust you? Trust that mythical creatures exist? Wait-- no, don't interrupt me! I'll take a look at your guinea pig, all right? Happy? But I'm not going to skip class, so you'll have to wait for a bit."

Wednesday glared at me, but eventually nodded and turned away. "See you after school," she whispered.

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