How To: Draw Mythical Creatures (Original Story)

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Chapter 15

Chapter Fifteen

Anastasia's POV

My eyes stung as I attempted to hold back my tears. Wednesday's words had burned a hole in my chest and I felt truly miserable. Was that how she really felt about me? Did she think I was stupid and cold? Was I stupid and cold? Why did she think it? Had she meant it? Did she consider Steve more important than me?

I wiped a tear that'd escaped my eyes away, despite my herculean efforts to stop it. Within my heart, there was a deep desire to be like Wendy. I wished that I was as brave and open as her, as daring, bold and social. But I wasn't . . . I was Anastasia, the boring bookworm.

After five more minutes of standing in the cool, dark forest underneath an oak, I realized she wasn't coming back. I turned around slowly and began walking to her home. My parents had been appalled when they'd found out that their (our) home had been destroyed, but due to lack of money and solutions, they now slept in a camper, while I'd been allowed to stay at Wendy's place until the insurance paid.

Biting my lips, I rammed the door with my fist, still attempting to stop the tears that were now making my retinas burn. My brain nearly begged me to release them, to let loose a flood that'd bring relief to my oppressed mind.

"Calm down-- Ana? I thought you were with Wendy and Steve!" Jason exclaimed, ruffling my hair and opening the door more widely. "Come in!"

"I was with them, sort of," I muttered, stepping in quickly and taking a deep breath while I attempted to pat my hair back into place. "We got into a fight over Steve."

"Oh. . . . " Jason mumbled, looking awkward. "That sucks."

"It does," I agreed rather roughly, my initial sadness disappearing and anger flaring up in me. I watched Jason scratch his hair and glance around, not knowing what to do, and it was then that the ridiculous, stupid idea popped into my mind. Yes, it definitely was stupid, but it was reckless, as reckless as Wendy. But wasn't that what I wanted?

I literally threw myself at Jason and knocked him over. Or at least, attempted to. The tall boy merely wobbled and gave me a surprised look, stooping down to my height. "What was that for, Ana? I mean, I know you're angry, but I didn't--"

I interrupted him by pressing my lips against his and he froze, resembling a frightened fish as I continued kissing him, trying a tad bit too hard not to think about the fact that he was Wendy's older brother. I slowly heated up as he remained utterly still, even after (I was counting) three minutes and twenty seconds of failed snogging on my side. It wasn't exactly how I'd imagined my first kiss; the feel of his warm lips closed firmly underneath mine, frozen in surprise and what was possibly even worse, repulsion.

I pulled away and looked at the ground, utterly humiliated. I'd proven it, definitely; I was stupid.

"Er. . . . " Jason breathed.

"Sorry," I squeaked, panick bubbling up inside me, "I wasn't thinking, at all! I'm so sorry!"

"I can't say I saw that one coming," he said sheepishly, attempting to smile at me.

"Neither did I," I muttered to myself, turning my gaze towards the ground again and studying it intently.

"Wendy doesn't need to know about this, right?" he asked quickly, tapping my shoulder and lowering his head, which enabled me to see his features. His eyes resembled Wednesday's and I colored again, turning my head away.

"Right," I agreed, relieved.

That relief changed into astonishment when he took a step to the side, inclined his head with a clumsy movement and kissed me awkwardly, his back hunched in an attempt to keep an even level. I was debating on whether to step away and explain it'd all been a stupid mistake on my side and that I didn't have a crush on him or just standing there for eternity and actually enjoying it, when the door opened and Wednesday stepped in, chattering happily.

"--so Steve read two pages today! Two! And-- and-- oh. . . . " She broke off abruptly.

Jason and I stepped away from each other at the same time, creating a loud, incredibly embarrassing noise as our lips parted. A silence ruled the room and Wednesday held the door, her eyes flitting from Jason to me rapidly. Her mouth hung open in surprise and then her eyes lingered on me, narrowing slightly.

I bit my lip and attempted a light-hearted smile. "So, Stevie read two whole pages?"

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