Call Me Crazy....

This is going to be about 5 SUPER close friends and a mean girl. The friends don't want to let high school tear them apart. The mean girl just wants to keep her popularity going. Who says high school friends don't last??
In the first chapter I'll write down the nicknames/usernames of the people who are writing this with me. :)

Chapter 1


XxCupcakePartyxX (ME)
Name: Alexis Rose Cooper
Age: 15
About: She is very pretty and smart. She has slightly curly blonde hair and dark blue eyes. She is pretty popular, but Kimberly is more popular. Alexis doesn't care about being popular, she is just nice. She is also very pale and VERY loving and caring.
Other: She doesn't like Kimberly because Kimberly is always mean to her and her friends. She has great style, but she is poor. She is the leader of the group of friends. She also likes to be called Rose, not Alexis. She doesn't mind that other people have the same middle name as her.

Name: Amber Rose Wolfe
Age: 15
About: She has medium curly chocolate brown hair, pale skin, medium brown eyes, she is shy but friendly, outgoing around her friends but around others she is not. She likes a good laugh. She hates being sad or depressed. She deals with things through laughs, thinking nothing is wrong.
Other: She is the one who listens in her group of friends. She doesn't hate anyone until she hears their side of the story. Very understanding and optimistic.

Name: Damien Xavier White
Age: 15
About: Damien is a curious and caring guy, but is very shy. He finds comfort with sisterly or brotherly figures, (he has MANY siblings) but remains mute to many things. He never talks, unless interested or if it's important.
Other: He secretly likes Jade. Also he has dark brown hair and chocolate brown eyes that are VERY beautiful.

Name: Jade Aubry Jenson
Age: 14 (skipped a grade)
About: She is 4'9 and doesn't like to get teased for her height. She has black, straight hair, wears glasses sometimes and likes to wear all black.
Other: She is shy and VERY smart. She is can and WILL go to Harvard. (she is that smart) She has a bad family, is rich and feels alone sometimes. She is also loving and caring. She also secretly loves Damien.

Name: Gina Lee Hong
Age: 15
About: She is asian, has a strong asian accent, she has very pretty black hair and is ALWAYS smiling.
Other: She speaks three languages, and english isn't her best. She is smart, funny and fashionable. She has GREAT friends, but doesn't want to choose a best friend.

Name: Kimberly Anne Garcia
Age: 15
About: Kimberly is the mean, popular girly girl. She has a pretty much picture perfect life. She is VERY pretty (but still tries to compete with Alexis on who is more perfect) , has a perfect boyfriend and has a rich family. She basically has it all.
Other: She is REALLY mean. People hate her for her spicy attitude. Her mouth usually get her into a lot of trouble. She also isn't the sharpest tool in the shed.

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