A Taylor Swift FanFic

Please read, and let me know what you think.

Chapter 1

The Accident

I was in my dressing room, in ten minutes I’d be on the stage singing to thousands of people, but I wasn’t nervous, I had done tons and tons of concerts before, and everyone always loves me. Helen my hairdresser was curling my hair. “Nervous?” She asked. “Nope.” I said honestly “I’m excited.” “Good.” She sprayed hairspray on my hair. “Done.” She said. “It’s a masterpiece,” I said “as always.” “Oh thank you Taylor.” Said Helen. “Now you better get dressed. I walked into my closet portion of my dressing room, and flipped through the outfits, I was looking for number 1, meaning I wore that outfit for the first few songs. I found it, it was my Sparks Fly dress, it was gold, and pretty short. I had long brown boots that went along with it. My first song was going to be Sparks Fly, one of my favorite songs I wrote. Todd the stage manager came into my room, “2 minutes.” He said. “Okay,” I said “Now please go out so I can get changed.” Todd left the room, I got changed. It was time, I was so excited. I walked backstage, I heard the MC announcing my name. “TAYLOR SWIFT!” As I walked on the stage I heard cheering and screaming. “We love you Taylor!” “Taylor Swift!” “Go Taylor!” I was surrounded in smoke. The audience could just see my silhouette. Then I jumped out of the smoke into the spotlight. The crowd broke into the loudest cheer I ever heard! Then, I started to sing…

“The way you move is like a full-on rainstorm, and I’m a house of cards!”
I heard cheering and yelling. I kept singing. “You’re the kinda reckless that should send me running, but, I kinda know that I wont get far!” Another burst of cheers and screams. My ears started ringing from all the noise, I tried to sing the next line, but I coughed. I breathed in some smoke. Then I felt light-headed, and I got really hot. Everything started spinning, but the show must go on! I tried singing one more time, nothing would come out! All of a sudden everything went black, I had a weird dream that I was floating on a cloud, then I opened my eyes, I saw Todd, Helen, and the other crew starring at me. “Are you okay Hun?” Asked Becky my makeup artist. I felt a little dizzy, but I nodded. I heard fans screaming “Is she okay!?” “Taylor!?” With the help of Todd, I got up. My Mom and Dad were there too. (They come to all of my concerts.) I went backstage with Mom and Dad. “Honey,” said Mom “what happened?” “I…” my voice was shaky “I must’ve fainted.” “Do you think you can do the concert?” Asked Dad. “Umm…” I still felt a little sick, “maybe…” The other stagehands were coming backstage. “We’re not letting her do the rest of the show.” Said Mom “She needs to see a doctor.” “No Mom.” I said, “I’m fine, all I need is a drink, I’ll be fine.” “Yeah,” said Todd “think about all the people she’ll disappoint if she doesn’t perform tonight.” “Taylor’s health is more important then making her fans happy.” Said Mom. “Now come on honey, I’m getting you to a doctor.” “I think…” began Dad “That Taylor shouldn’t perform, but she shouldn’t have to see a doctor. I mean, she just fainted, it’s nothing serious.” “It could be!” Said Mom. “I don’t think it is.” I said “I think Dad is right.” “Okay,” said Mom “If you think that’s fine, it’s fine.”

I was laying on the couch in our hotel room. “How are you feeling?” Asked Dad. “I’m good,” I said “I think we can just postpone the concert until tomorrow.” “Alright.” Said Dad. Then there was a knock on the door. Dad opened it. It was Abigail, my BFF! “Heard all about it.” She said. “It was on TV!” “TV!?” I moaned, “Oh brother, now the whole world is going know me as ‘The girl who fainted live on TV‘!” “It’s not so bad,” said Abigail, “at least it’s not like the time Miley Cyrus fell of stage and broke her leg.” “That never happened.” I said. “I know,” chuckled Abigail “I was just trying to make you feel a little better about this whole thing.” Thanks anyway.” I said smiling. “Anytime.” Said Abigail. “So why did you faint anyway?” “There was to much smoke,” I said “and it was really hot.” “I understand.” Said Abigail “Remember the time I almost passed out, it was before you were so famous.” “Of course!” I was sleeping over at your house, and we were playing Twister, you fell down, whacked your head, and almost passed out!” I laughed. “Your mom made such a big deal about it.” “Yeah,” chuckled Abigail, “Well, I gotta go now, bye.” She left as I waved.

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