The Girl With the Fans (Hunger Games Love Story)

The Girl With the Fans (Hunger Games Love Story)

This has been in the back of my mind for a long time...and just so everyone knows I don't update until I get at least 5 comments its not that hard guys come on!
Name: Kitana Scarlet Willows
Hunger Games:72nd
Object of Use: Steel Fans With Sharp Knifes at the Ends, Bow and Arrows, and Daggers
Hair Color: Black
Eyes: Hazel
District:12 Mining
Family: Father (deceased), Mother, Sister (Rometta)9

She is mainly based off of Kitana from Mortal Kombat
No Real Love for a while.

Chapter 6

Training With Killers Is Annoying, Showing Off For Gamemakers Is Fine, Airing Your Love Life Is Excruciating.

Kitana’s P.O.V.
“What if they do know what I can do?” I ask Haymitch over breakfast the next morning.
“They won’t unless Murray tells them, which I’m making an order that you don’t.” He says jabbing his fork at an egg.
“What if she rats me out?” Murray asks, seeming offended.
“What is there to tell, ‘Um, you guys should watch out for Murray over there his special weapon is stuffing food in his mouth.’” He glares at me. Haymitch looks at the two of us. I jump as he slams his fist down.
“Manners, Haymitch!” Effie yells across the room.
“If the two of you can’t get along for four more days then I suggest you just stand there during the bloodbath because you won’t have a clue on how to survive.” I stare at him, shocked he would say something like that.
“If my mother heard you say that you would have gotten an earful.” He blushes when I bring up my mother, but otherwise ignores me. He takes a breath and starts talking again.
“Listen to me, those other mentors, the Careers especially, are ruthless. They won’t hesitate to kill you. It won’t matter if you twelve years old, hëll, they consider it target practice. You have to show at least some ounce of teamwork to survive.” I sigh.
“Fine but don’t expect me to like it.”
“Fine.” Murray says and gets up from the table.
Twenty minutes and matching uniforms later Murray and I are down in the Training Centre listening to Atala. If I didn’t know any better, I’d have thought that she was a victor herself. She tells us that the weapon stations aren’t always the best place to be at. Most of us will die from natural causes like diseases, poisons, animal attacks, the list goes on and on. When she does finally finish, she starts naming off the stations and, like I do in the forest, I quickly become aware of my surroundings. The Careers look healthy, of course, they’re the Capitol’s lapdogs, especially One and Two. The rest of them look like the kids from the Seam. They been underfed, its written all across their bodies. Their skin is yellow and there’s a hallow look in their eyes, but all of the boys are bigger than me and most of the girls too. I’m naturally smaller, something both Rome and I got from Mother. I’m not sure if they’ll pass me or just kill me during the bloodbath. When she finally releases us, I just stand there, waiting. Murray nudges my arm, he must be irritated that he has to tug around a fourteen year old all day, but I think that its quite amusing.
“Where should we start first?” he asks. I look around and notice Jaclyn and her partner/boyfriend throwing axes.
“The axes.” I say. He groans, but follows me anyways. When Jaclyn sees me she smiles.
“Hey, Kitana, nice to see you again. I didn’t get the chance to introduce you to my boyfriend last time. Kitana this is Thorn.” He’s one of the biggest one’s here and could easily kill me with his bare hands. He extends his hand and I shake it. He glares at me.
“I don’t trust you, or you’re partner so if you seem like a threat to Jaclyn, I will kill you.” Murray starts laughing when he sees the look of terror on my face. Jaclyn laughs to.
“Quit terrorizing people Thorn, she’s nice. You want to travel with me?” she asks. I nod eager to start.
“Thorn will you train with-”
“Murray.” he says arrogantly.
“Will you train with Murray for today? I want to get to know Kitana.” He gives her look that might suggest that she’s grown three heads. She gives him the ‘puppy face’.
“Please.” she whispers. He sighs and starts walking with Murray on his heels. I turn back to Jaclyn and watch her hit the bulls eye with the axe.
“Whoa.” she smiles.
“I’ve been doing this since I was seven.” she admits. We’re going to be the only ones in the arena with the disadvantage of never being trained with a weapon. You don’t start working in the mines until your eighteen, and by then you safe from the Hunger Games. I try my luck at the axes and find that I’m horrible at it. We decide to move on to the next station: Knives. Jaclyn looks at me quizzically.
“Do you know how to do this?” I nod proud that I’m not useless. I pick up the dainty knife and study it. Jaclyn touches my shoulder.
“The Careers are looking at you.” That messes up my concentration and I throw the knife and miss big time. I turn towards the Careers and see them all laughing at me, aggravated, I close my eyes and block out everything and snap my arm forward. I open my eyes and see that it hit straight on. WHOOP! Looking at the knives brings me back to my weapon of choice. The one that Father made me when I was younger. My Fans. I sigh ready to leave, when a guard approaches me.
“Kitana Willows?” he says.
“Yes?” I’m afraid that I’ve done something wrong but he smiles.
“Special request from your mentor, Haymitch Abernathy to the Gamemakers, and the request has been approved, you must show the Gamemakers if they should put this in the arena for you or not.” I’m curious about what he’s saying when he pulls out the love of my life besides Peeta. My fans. Of course, they’re really not my fans. My fans aren’t as well made as these. The folds are blue with designs on them, while the blade starts just out of reach of my fingertips so I don’t cut myself and have the same designs as the folds. At home, my fans don’t close. These, when you close them, they close into five sharp knives, in case you want to hide them and pass them off as regular knives knotted together. I smile at them and take them.
“These will be taken from you at the end of the Training Day, if you try to steal them, then your request for them will automatically be denied, is this understood?” I nod, still unable to speak. He walks away and Jaclyn smiles at me.
“You might have a chance against them now.” she says. I smile, but it quickly drops when the Careers surround me. Valeria is the first to speak,
“What, are those supposed to so to keep you alive?” she taunts.
“Castro you think Clove would like these?” The girl from District Two jeers.
“I don’t know Minxy, they seem to be more of Cato’s thing.” Castro sneers.
“Your brother walking around with these.” she snorts.
“Your sister wouldn’t be much better.” he retorts.
“You really think that you can beat us with these?” Donovan asks, clearly amused. I nod shakily too shocked to answer. They laugh louder and it seems as though it goes on forever. I grit my teeth and walk pass them. Making sure that no ones in my way, I take a deep breath. My instincts take over and I pretend the dummy’s are animals coming to attack me. I spread out the fans and slash just about every dummy in the room, grabbing onto nettings pretending that they’re trees. When I finish, I’m panting and the whole Centre is silent, except for Murray who says,
“Who gave her those? Now we’re all doomed.” I stand up straight and approach Donovan.
“Does that answer your question, Donovan?” He smirks,
“Actually, it does.” he says. Then he walks away.
I’m way to mad to tell everyone what happen so Murray tells them while I resist taking Haymitch’s drink from his hand. Seeing their faces when he tells them is too much for me so I shut myself in my room until the next day of training when I spend the day with Thorn in silence doing the survival courses. He doesn’t seem to mind the silence and neither do I, because I don’t want to talk about yesterday. It gets hard, because around lunchtime the Careers won’t stop staring at me especially Castro and Donovan. When Minxy and Castro finally strike up a conversation that doesn’t concern me, I’m suddenly interested.
“Castro, if Cato doesn’t volunteer in the next two years then Clove won’t be able to marry him. Which as we both know is bad. It’ll break her heart. Anyone that sees them can tell they’re in love. Its like they were meant to be. I mean, their names even go good together, Cato and Clove.”
“Don’t you think I know this Minxy, but Cato said he doesn’t want to be away from Clove for any length of time, he says he doesn’t want her to see him kill. Or some crappy ooey gooey crap like that.” Cato and Clove. It does sound good together. If I did manage to somehow win, then I had to make sure I saw them before I left District Two on my Victory Tour. Training Day number two ends and on the third day they start to call us during our lunch. It seems like the end of time before they finally do call me. When I walk into the Centre the first thing I notice is that just about all of them are drunk. Some of them do seem to pay attention to me. I pick up the bow and play with the string getting my fingers used to the tightness while I grab some daggers, a spear, a sheath of arrows, and my fans. When I finally get used to it, I stand in front of the dummy. I look at them to see if they’re ready and they nod in response to begin. I look at them, challenging them.
“You may begin, Miss Willows.” Seneca Crane, the Head Gamemaker says.
“How long do you think it will take me to get all of the weapons into the dummy?” I ask, catching them off guard. Seneca shrugs his shoulders. Although the rest of them say a number.
“Thirty seconds!”
“One Minute!”
“Five Minutes!
“Forty seconds!” They all throw around numbers before Seneca stops them and looks to me.
“Go.” he says. A timer in the corner of the room starts and I start off shooting away all my arrows. Followed by the daggers, the spears, and finally the fans in the place a humans eyes would be located. I look at the clock. It reads: Twenty Seconds. I do a small curtsy and leave. I can’t help but be excited as I practically skip back to the couch on our floor.
“What happened?” Masen asks.
“I shot at the dummy with anything sharp.” I say simply.
“She’ll be lucky if she gets a six.” Murray mutters. I glare at him, but don’t let him ruin my good mood. When the time comes, I sit in front of the television bouncing. Masen puts his hands on my shoulders.
“Calm down.” he says quietly. I try to take his advice but its no use, I’m too wound up. The Careers get their usual eight to ten score. Jaclyn gets a seven and Thorn pulls a nine. I see Murray’s face.
“Murray Shamton with the score of eight.” I snicker at him then hear my name.
“And finally, from District Twelve, Kitana Willows, with the score of…Eleven.”
“You should stop trying to put me down Murray, you only make me look even better every time.” I say as I kiss Haymitch and Masen’s cheek before I go to sleep, but all I see is the number eleven. Eleven! I can’t believe it!
“I’m going to throw up!” I basically shout as I pace back and forth.
“Will you stop sweating, your going to mess up all my hard work. Your going to do fine. Just stop worrying about it. What did Haymitch say was your angle that you would play up?” I shake my head.
How could he ask that question with what he designed for me. I am wearing a short dress with what Masen calls a sweetheart neckline, there’s a belt buckle about my bust line that separates the bottom of the dress from the top. The top being black and the bottom being a dark blue. It must be my Capitol Color. My hair is laid to the side in a twist the curls with strands of blue weaved in. I’m sexy all the way.
“Haymitch asked Finnick Odair what he thought and Finnick said because of my entrance at the Opening Ceremonies, I should be sëxÿ. Masen I can’t do sëxÿ! I tried doing that with Peeta, but he only laughs at me!” I keep pacing, frantic
“Wait. Who’s Peeta?” Masen asks. I smile.
“A baker, a painter, a lover, a fighter if needed-”
“Kitana.” Masen snaps.
“He’s my boyfriend, and I love him as much as I love my family. Behind them, I don’t love anyone more.” Masen smiles.
“Why don’t you try acting humble? Talk about Peeta. How you met, how you fell in love the whole nine yards.” I shake my head.
“I made a promise to keep him out of this, they can’t have him.” I say, heating up. Masen’s quiet for a second, then smiles.
“Then don’t say his name, but make them want to help you get home.” he says. I nod.
“Kitana, he’s ready for you.” a woman says pulling me away from Masen. I grimace at him before following her. She stands me on the edge of the stage. I see Caesar Flickerman standing there waiting for the right time to introduce me. This year he sports green which is not his color.
“I don’t know how long you’ve been waiting to meet her but I’ve been waiting since the reapings so without further ado, Kitana Willows!” I make my way out and try not to squint over the blinding light. They clap for me and Caesar takes my hand and sits me down next to him.
“Kitana, how are you liking the Capitol?” Caesar asks.
“Bright.” I say. They laugh. That wasn’t a joke.
“You must think its bright, your used to all those boring colors, right?” No.
“Yes.” He smiles and puts his hand on top of mine.
“A beautiful girl like yourself can’t be single so, who’s the lucky boy back at home.” I blush.
“So there is one. Please tell us all about him.” I find Masen in the crowd and he nods in approval.
“I won’t tell you his name, but he’s what my District would call a Merchant’s kid, because his father owns a bakery in town. He has heavenly blonde hair and ocean blue eyes. I met him when I was five. My father was taking me to his bakery for cupcakes for my family and while we waited, my father and I started to sing. He swears that the mockingjay’s stop singing their own song to hear me sing.” You could hear a pen drop in the City Circle now.
“What song did you sing?” Caesar asks.
“It’s a song my grandmother taught my father, and he taught me before he died. It’s called Safe and Sound.”
“Will you sing it to us?” Caesar asks. I blush.
“Just a few bars is it.” He says. I sigh, close my eyes and sing the chorus
¯Just close your eyes ¯
¯The sun is going down¯
¯You’ll be alright¯
¯No one can hurt you now¯
¯Come morning light¯
¯You and I’ll be Safe and Sound¯
Nervous, I open my eyes. Its quiet for a half second before the crowd erupts in applause. Its ear splitting, honestly. Caesar calms them down and looks at me.
“He was right. The birds might have stopped singing outside to hear you.” I blush.
“Tell us what happened after you sang.” Caesar urges. I smile slightly.
“His father made him bring me the cupcakes, because it told his father he thought I was pretty. When he gave me them, and I looked into his eyes, I knew I was a goner. I was his from that day on and we were joined at the hips from that day on. When we were thirteen, he took me out and kissed me. We’ve been together ever since. Everyone says he spoils me rotten, but I don’t believe it.” I say the last part softly.
“It’d be hard not to spoil someone as radiant as you.” Caesar admits quietly. There’s a murmur of agreement. Bam! My face betrays me and I give a look of disgust to the Capitol citizens. I quickly fix it and pray no one saw that. It will mess up the sob story I’ve got going on. I look quickly up at Caesar and can tell I’m in the clear. I start up our conversation again trying to get as much out as possible.
“He paints Y’know. He’ll sit and paint for hours, all day if I let him. He paints me, even when I beg him not to. He’ll tell me he’s stop but I always find out he’s lied. Haymitch tells me that I could live a thousand lifetimes and never deserve him, and I always agree with him.” The camera turns to Haymitch but he waves them away good-naturedly.
“Can I ask you a question, Kitana?” Caesar asks. I nod, afraid of the question.
“If you did win, what if he was reaped next year.” That’s an easy question. But I take my time and, as much as I try for it not to, my tears betray me too. They slide down my face.
“I would do whatever it takes for him to come home. I promised him I’d come home, he’d have to do the same thing.” Its only fair.
“What if he entered with your sister, or your best friend? Would this change anything?” He presses on.
“I can’t even imagine Rometta being in the Hunger Games, it gives me a horrible feeling. As far as my best friend. Choosing between her and him, I’d go insane.” I shake my head trying to shake away the feeling.
“Hopefully not Annie Cresta insane.” Caesar jokes. I glare in his direction.
“Annie went insane after watching her district partner be executed. I think that would be a valid reason to lose my mind.” I snap, defense of the insane girl with the green eyes and the love of Finnick Odair. Its not hard to spot them in the crowd, Finnick and Annie, she’s covering her ears but looking at me quizzically, Finnick has a small smile on his face. Caesar looks unconformable. Good. He tries to find a distraction.
“One last thing, is there anything you would say to this boy before you go to the Games?” he asks.
“I love you and I tried.” I say simply and the buzzard goes off. I leave the stage fuming over the embarrassment Annie is feeling now. I take a seat next to the District 11 boy, whose just a little bigger than me. I’m trying to calm down so I miss the first part of Murray’s interview and calm down enough to hear the second part.
“District Twelve has given off some beautiful contestants this year I have to say. So Murray is there a special girl back at home waiting for you?” Caesar asked. I snort, not likely. He’s a Grade A Jackåss. Murray shakes his head.
“I don’t believe it for a second, look at that face.” Caesar says. Murray blushes, then looks at me.
Why is he looking at me for?
“Well, there’s this one girl, I’ve had a crush on her forever.” He starts. Poor Girl.
“Is she what a merchant’s kid, like Kitana’s lover.” Peeta is not my lover. Murray shakes his head.
“No, she’s on the other side of town, she’s from the Seam.” Caesar shakes his head.
“You’ll have to explain this to me, I’m confused,” he turns towards the audience. “Aren’t you?” They nod.
“Alright Caesar, on one side of the District is the Merchant’s kids. Everyone’s parents own some kind of shop in town. On the other side is the Seam. Everyone’s parents work in the mines.” Murray says, somewhat irritated, I would be to.
“How would you pick out the Seam kids from the Merchant kids?” Caesar asks. Idiot.
“The Merchant kids are put together better than the kids from the Seam. Also, most of the kids from the Seam are darker and have dark hair and grey eyes. The Merchant kids have blue or green eyes and light hair.”
“So what are you and Kitana?” Caesar presses.
“Kitana’s from the Seam and I’m a Merchant’s kid. Are you happy now Caesar? Are we supposed to be ashamed of who we are?” Murray asks. Caesar shakes his head.
“I just wanted to get the record straight, now tell us about that girl from the Seam?” I kinda want to hear about it too.
“She’s beautiful, but..” Murray trails off.
“She have another fellow?” Caesar asks. Murray nods his head.
“So why don’t you win, and go home. I’m sure she’ll leave any other man for someone like you then, right?” She might, most of the kids are extremely poor, but Murray shakes his head.
“She’s not like that, and anyways she can take of herself and her family. Even if she couldn’t, her boyfriend could.” Caesar feels sorry for him, and so does the audience. Dammit. I’m supposed to be the one everyone feels sorry for. Not this ässhole.
“Her boyfriend can provide for her more than you can?” He shrugs.
“You could say that.” he says.
“You say she’s beautiful, right, describe her to us.” Murray gives off what I would call a genuine smile before he begins.
“Her hair, she always wears it in a braid, over her shoulder. She’s got black hair that shines in the sun. Her eyes, are amazing. Honestly, Caesar I could go on and on about her forever. And I think our time is up.” Just as he says that the timer buzzes.
“Is there one last thing that you would like to tell us about her?” Caesar asks.
“Yeah, she’s two years younger than me, and an excellent fighter.” Then he leaves the stage. We all get up to leave and on the elevators I’m cornered by the Careers again. Valeria’s stylist has played her to be fierce and she wears a orange dress that hugs her bust line then flows out around the end. Minxy plays up sexy with her full and shiny black hair and full figured body. She wears a green dress then has a gigantic slit, Castro and Donovan’s stylist must have worked together and they wear matching suits, but Donovan’s suit has been bejeweled around the edges to match Valeria. Donovan presses up against me. He wraps an arm around me, pulling me close to him. I see the irritation in Valeria’s eyes.
“Don’t you look beautiful tonight, Kitana?” he touches my stomach that has a thin cloth covering it. I push his hand away.
“What’s wrong, afraid of being unfaithful to your little boyfriend back in your pathetic district?” I glare daggers.
“District Twelve is my home. Not yours. Just because we’re small doesn’t mean we mean any less than any of you do. I wouldn’t choose to live in District One or Two if I had the choice. All you are is the Capitol’s lapdogs. Without them, you’d be just like the rest of us.” Donovan grabs my throat, cutting of my breathing.
“I’d watch that tongue of yours if I was you. It’d be ashamed to have to cut it out when I kill you.” The elevators stop at the first floor and Valeria steps out.
“Donovan, you coming?” He shakes his head.
“Later. I want to have a talk with Kitana first.” She nods and the elevator closes. The elevator goes up again and stops at the second floor.
“Get out.” He tells Minxy and Castro. They don’t hesitate to do so. This leaves just Donovan and me. He lets go of my throat, but keeps his arm around me.
“Listen to me. They all want you dead. Can’t blame them honestly. But I like you, I want to keep you alive till the end. You and me. We could have some serious fun together. I’ll make you a deal, I’ll kill your District partner if you kill mine.” I know it’s a trap, that he’ll want me to say yes. As much as I think of how good that sounds, I can’t bring myself to do it. Murray’s a jackåss, yes, but I wouldn’t leave him out there
to fend for himself. So…
“Deal.” I say. The elevator is on the tenth floor. Donovan smiles and kisses me. My first reaction is to hit the crap out of him, but I just made a deal with him. His lips are burning hot and makes this awkward as I half kiss half stand there. He must of thought it was good though, because he smiles when he pulls back. The elevator dings and opens. I slide pass him into the suite, right behind Murray himself. He takes one look at my flushed face and looks at Donovan.
“Remember Kitana, lets just keep this to you and me.” Donovan says
“What did you do to her?” Murray demands. But Donovan only smiles at us as the elevators close. Murray picks me up bridal style and sits me on the couch.
“Kitana, what happened?” he demands again.
“What’s going on?” Masen asks. The rest of Team Kitana and Murray have arrived.
“I don’t know, she was in the elevators with the boy from District One and she came out like this. He had her pressed against the wall.” Suddenly, Haymitch is interested. He rushes over.
“Did he touch you in anyway, Kitana?” When I don’t answer he shakes me.
“Dammit answer me Kitana!” I shake my head.
“Then what happened?” I take a breath to steady myself.
“He kissed me.” Haymitch throws his drink at the wall and goes on ranting. He storms towards the elevator about to go.
“Haymitch, there’s something else.” I say. He looks at me and runs back over to the couch.
“What?!” He demands.
“He made me a deal, if I killed Valeria, his district partner, he’d kill Murray.” Murray starts freaking out next.
“Why would you agree to that, you idiot?” he yells, shaking me as well. I swat his hands away.
“Everyone stop touching me please. And shut up Murray I’m not going to let him kill you purposely.”
“What’s that supposed to mean?” he demands again, still fuming.
“I won’t just sit there and let him kill you, if I die I want you to win.”
“Why?” he questions.
“You be able to feed the entire district because you won, that includes my family and friends, and Peeta.”
Murray rolls his eyes at the name.
“You’ll also be able to feed your little crush and her family.” I say, walking towards my room. Everyone looks at me like I’m crazy and Murray blushes in the corner. What I say? Whatever.
I take off my dress and get in the shower, laying it on the dresser. My thoughts constantly think of Murray’s secret sweetheart, which doesn’t hit me until I was in the middle of my fantastic dream, that of course had my three favorite people in the world, who were still alive. Peeta, Katniss, and Rome. Oh my Mockingjay…
He was talking about Katniss!

Author’s Note- I’m giving up a spoiler, but you should know. Yes, Kitana will sing someone to ‘sleep’. It WILL NOT be Safe and Sound.

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