The Girl With the Fans (Hunger Games Love Story)

The Girl With the Fans (Hunger Games Love Story)

This has been in the back of my mind for a long time...and just so everyone knows I don't update until I get at least 5 comments its not that hard guys come on!
Name: Kitana Scarlet Willows
Hunger Games:72nd
Object of Use: Steel Fans With Sharp Knifes at the Ends, Bow and Arrows, and Daggers
Hair Color: Black
Eyes: Hazel
District:12 Mining
Family: Father (deceased), Mother, Sister (Rometta)9

She is mainly based off of Kitana from Mortal Kombat
No Real Love for a while.

Chapter 3

Drunks, Jerks, and Stylist

Effie, Murray and I walk onto the train and through a door and my mouth drops in shock. I have never seen this much food in my lifetime. Effie goes and takes a seat in a chair and starts trying adjust her make-up. When she’s done she starts to put food on her plate.

“Aren’t you going to sit down? You must be starving by the looks of you.” I glare at her and sit down at the table across from her and start to eat. On the opposite side of me, Murray was eating like a caveman. I look at him in disgust.

God, how could he eat like that?

“You’d think he’d never eaten before.” I mutter under my breath but I know both of them heard me. Murray swallowed hard and glared back at me.

“I know I’m good looking Willows, but I know your mother taught you that its not polite to stare, so why exactly are you doing it.”

“I’m just watching a caveman tear up the meat he’s been given by God on a good day of hunting.”

“You’d be one to know about hunting, know wouldn’t you, Kitana?” he gave me that stupid smirk of his. I hated it so much and the fact that he basically just sold me out to the Capitol on the low just irked me even more than just looking at his face and watching him eat.

“Effie, could you by any chance go and find Haymitch I need to talk with him. Its very important.” Effie looks annoyed but she smiles at me anyways and goes to find Haymitch. While she’s away I immediately jump at Murray.

“Look I don’t like you and you don’t like me, so if you get in the way of me winning the Games then mark my words I will haunt you in the arena until you die a very slow and painful death. I don’t know what kind of special moves you think you have but I’ll let you know it’s nothing on what I can do, and if you think even for a moment then you might as well let me use you as a target practice.” As I finish my monolog I hear Murray utter one horrible word: “Bítch.”

I jump over the table and take a knife on my way. I tackle him to the floor and hold the knife up to his throat. He struggles to get out of my reach. I hold the knife closer to his neck every time he moves.

“How do you think the Capitol will feel if they don’t have a male tribute, maybe they won’t even care, they could go back to District Twelve and grab another boy, someone’s have a better chance of surviving than you?”

Suddenly I’m lifted off the ground and the knife leaves my hand. I scream curses at anyone. Then someone’s hand covers my mouth to shut me up and I smell the alcohol in the air for the first time. Great, Haymitch is here. Murray brushes himself off and glares,

“I’m going to bed, I didn’t know crazy bítch was on the menu tonight.” He starts to leave the compartment when Haymitch stops him.

“Besides the fact that you don’t know where your room is, you have to watch the Reapings, and as a side note, I’d stop using that word when referring to my Goddaughter. She doesn’t like the word that much and neither do I.”

Murray stares at him in disbelief before he looks in my direction. I smirk at him. It’s his turn to glare at me. He stomps over to the plush couch and I sit next to Haymitch and watch as each district brings forth their tribute. A few stand out to me like they always do. The boy and girl from One and Two, the boy from Three and the girl from Seven. Finally they show District Twelve. We look pathetic like always. When they show Rome running to me I can’t help but feel pain stricken when I see her crying and remember what she said to me. I see Peeta’s face in the crowd for the first time. He looks shocked but then turns away so that I can’t see him anymore. I rewind the T.V so I have a perfect view of Peeta’s face. I go and stand in front of the screen and touch the spot where his face was I hear Murray sigh.

“Y’know Murray some of us actually do have people that we love in this world. If your going to say something I’d rather you not.” But her doesn’t speak, and a tear slides down my face. I turn and face Effie.

“Where is my room?” She points to a door.

“Down the hall to the left.” I nod at her and leave quietly. When I get into my room I lay on my bed and fall asleep.

“Who are you, get away from me!” I yell at the capitol people I don’t want them anywhere near me. They’re the reason I may never see Peeta’s smiling face. The woman looks at me with careful eyes.

“Is there anyone here who’ll make you more relaxed?” I nod my head. Peeta is out of the question.

“Haymitch would be nice, can you go and get him, please.” The woman nods and goes to find him, Thrity minutes later she brings him back into the room. He has a drink in his hand, how lovely.

“What’s the problem, kid?” He knows exactly what the problem is.

“I’m really nervous. What if they don’t recognize me back home?” I ask.

“I thought the some thing, everything will be fine.” He tells me.

I nod and he leaves, then I’m left to the Capitol.

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