The Girl With the Fans (Hunger Games Love Story)

The Girl With the Fans (Hunger Games Love Story)

This has been in the back of my mind for a long time...and just so everyone knows I don't update until I get at least 5 comments its not that hard guys come on!
Name: Kitana Scarlet Willows
Hunger Games:72nd
Object of Use: Steel Fans With Sharp Knifes at the Ends, Bow and Arrows, and Daggers
Hair Color: Black
Eyes: Hazel
District:12 Mining
Family: Father (deceased), Mother, Sister (Rometta)9

She is mainly based off of Kitana from Mortal Kombat
No Real Love for a while.

Chapter 2

Worst. Birthday. Ever.

They didn’t pick me. There’s another girl named Kitana Willows here, right?

“Where are you dear?” Effie fùcking Trinket asks from the center stage. I move my feet an notice that the Peacekeepers are walking with me. I see Darius on my left. He looks unhappy.

“Kitana!” I turn and see Rome. She’s running towards me. She hugs my waist and Darius tries to pull her back but I know he’s not using the strength that’s supposed to be applied for things like this. I see Gale pick her up and take her towards my mother. I continue up the stairs until I reach the center. Effie smiles at me and goes over to the boys’ glass bowl. She grabs the first name she can reach and goes to the microphone.

“Murray Shamton.” Oh god. Please anyone but him for the love of Christ!

Murray walks up on the stage after looking around for a second as if expecting something. I don’t know why District 12 has never had a volunteer before. The upper districts are the ones who usually have volunteers Not an outline district like us.

“Well, go on, shake hands.” Effie insists. We shake hand in a swift downward motion. Then they pull us inside the Justice building. I’m put into a room with leather. The only reason I know what it is, is because when dad died and I accepted the medal for him Madge let me stay over. The doors to the Justice building opens and Rome attacks my legs again.

“Don’t go, please.” I can’t bring myself to let her go so I just hug her. Mother just stands there and looks at me. I let go of Rome and walk up to her.

“You cannot go away anymore, Rome needs you. If you let her starve to death than you’ll have no one else in the family left.”

“I’ll have you.” She whispers. I shake my head at her. I don’t believe I will come back. No one I can remember has one the Games at an early age except for Johanna Mason who won last year, Annie Cresta who won two years ago, and Finnick Odair who won seven years ago. I don’t have a fighting chance. We sit close together for the remainder of the time with whispers of I love you. When the Peacekeepers come to take them away. I no that I’m fighting back tears. Then the door opens and I see the Everdeens and Gale. I run into their arms. Prim and Mrs. Everdeen are just here to tell me good-bye and good luck and then its just Gale, Katniss, and I. I immediately give out orders.

“Rome has her goat so help her sell the milk and cheese and if the goat can’t make anymore then sell my things.” I tell Katniss.

“You’ll be alright. When you come home everything will be okay, and we’ll hunt for them while your gone.” I nod to her but don’t answer back.

“Mother knows how to skin the animals so just give them to her. Rome is allergic to dog meat so you keep that.” The man come in to tell us times up.

“I’ll see you when you get back.” Gale kisses my forehead before he leaves with Katniss following after a hug from her. I pace up and down the room wondering about a strategy when the door opens again. When I see the persons face I can’t help but smile.

“Peeta.” I breathe as I run into his arms. He holds me close and smells like the bakery in which he works. I know that leaving will have a huge impact on him. I hate being somewhere without him.

“Kitana, we don’t have much time so, listen get somewhere safe as soon as possible don’t go for the Cornucopia, it’s a luring death trap. Use the bow and arrow if they have any. Throws some knifes if you have to, steal some even, its not illegal in the arena.”

“Peeta I can’t get a good kill without my fans it won’t work the same way.”

“Make it.” He says simply. Then he pulls something out of him pocket and puts in my hand. It’s a locket. I gasp and he smiles at me. The heart on the locket is huge and has pretty designs on it. I press the button on the side and it opens. I hear a melody, Daddy’s melody. I look at him, then back to the locket. On one side there is a picture of Gale, Katniss, Prim, Rome, Mother, and him all together. On the other side there says three simple words: Safe and Sound. The tears flood my face. He wipes them away and kisses me. We stayed locked like this for about twenty seconds before the Peacekeeper tells him its to go. I feel alone now, but I don’t cry, they don’t get the pleasure to see that. They take me out of the building and we ride in a car, which I’ve never done before. With the last snapshots of Murray and I, we’re whisked away into the custody of the Capitol…

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