In Seattle, Washington from Vancouver, Canada. This is my story.

Chapter 1

I'm dead.

by: dobby
So here's what happened:

A couple weeks ago whoever runs Josh's Facebook fan page notified all of his "friends" that there was going to be a meet-and-greet with Josh, Jen and Liam in Seattle, Washington on March 10th. When I saw this I flipped, since it was only an American tour, but I live "close" to Seattle (Vancouver, Canada.) Well, closer than any other state.
So today I go with my friend. There were over a thousand people there, and a bunch of them were those Career fans that thought they were top shit and stuff, so everyone hated them. The other half of the people there were twelve year olds who probably haven't even read the book yelling out which "team" they were in, so I automatically hated them. But I did meet four really cool people, who have now become my best friends even if we do live in different countries.
Anyway, so you're supposed to get a special wristband to actually meet them and get them to sign stuff. Me and my friend, Kylah, think we're the first ones there, until we turn the corner and there is already a line of over five hundred people there. Oh yeah, did I mention it was three in the morning and that the rules said you were not allowed to camp? So everyone was pissed at them, since they were the stupid Careers and broke the goddamn rules.
So we accepted that we had a low chance of meeting them, so we kind of walk around which is when we meet our new American friends; Jeremy (18), Kristy (18), Inga (15) and Dorothy (14). They were honestly the best people I could have ever met (other than the cast, of course.) Have you ever dreamt of making friends with someone that has all the same things in common with you? Yeah, well those were the people. Times four.
So time is going by super slow, and the actual Q&A starts at three. It was nine in the morning by then, which meant Kylah and I had been there for about six hours just standing there. And it's Seattle, mind you, of course it rained. But I was used to the rain since I live in Vancouver.
All aside, me and the rest are walking past the Microsoft store, which is where the whole thing is kind of being held. Well, the Q&A was outside, but never mind that. We sit outside of the Microsoft store on a bench we found, minding our own business. Dorothy and Inga say they're going to be right back because they were going to get candy for us. I'm sitting next to Jeremy, when I kind of just turn around and glimpse into the Microsoft store.
Behind a crowd of people, I see something I recognize. I start to slap Jeremy, trying to get his attention. We both look back, and he recognizes it too. It is a forehead with dark brown hair atop of it. We start to hyperventilate, and we both shoot out of our chairs. There is the one and only Josh Hutcherson, sitting on a chair and laughing. Next to him is Jennifer Lawrence, her hair was the most wonderful thing I had ever seen and she looked like a goddess. And next to her was Liam Hemsworth, and his body and face... holy shit.
Dorothy and Inga come back, and the whole rest of us are freaking out. Just then Liam stands up... and waves. At us. We all die.
After they go into the back, we go back to our original spots and cry (not actually, but you know.) There is a security guard who we now call Eyebrows, because she doesn't have any eyebrows. She was protecting the "emergency exit" in case of a fire, so we all had to make an aisle for the exit just in case. Because, you know, haphazard fires just happen to start at Meet and Greets all the time. We theorized that she once had got caught in a fire, which burned off her eyebrows. That's why she is so scared about one, and Jennifer Lawrence is why she is even more scared of fire.
Anyway, once it's finally three we all get into the Meet and Greet area, the whole group of us holding hands so we don't get lost. (Just an additional fact, Jeremy is gay. Just in case you wanted to know, but he was the coolest gay guy I have ever met.) So we're still all waiting for our lords to rise, when Jeremy and I form a plan.
There are three sections of crowds in the area, separated by three aisles (probably Eyebrow's orders.) We were right next to one of those aisles. Jeremy and I decided that once the three of them came on stage, we would jump out and start running down the aisle screaming, "WE VOLUNTEER! WE VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTES!" It was affirmative that we would to this, since we swore by the law of YOLO.
Right. So we get more free stuff, and when that ends... there beautiful souls come up on stage. Everyone is freaking out, and I got a ton of excellent pictures of them (even ones where they looked directly into my camera lens. I died.)
Jeremy and I then decide, what the hell. Let's do it. So we jump into the aisle, link arms and start yelling the sacred words of amazing. Josh, Jen, Liam and everyone else in the entire world look at us. Some people were hating, some people were laughing and cheering. But the most fantastic thing of all was when Josh, Jen and Liam all started laughing and clapping, standing up and cheering for us. I just about shit myself.
Sadly, though, security didn't fancy it quite as much as we did. They escorted us out of the Meet and Greet area, just Jeremy and I. Jeremy was pretty scared and upset about that, but I assured him we at least got their attention. We decided we would wait for the rest of our friends by the escalators, which was across a road (it was an outlet mall.)
Not to worry, though, things got better. As we are waiting and sitting on the side of the road, the thing ends within the next ten minutes and three SUVs pull up. Jeremy and I stand, dying again. These were the rides of the three of them. People started running toward where we were, but we had first dibs on the best spot. Josh comes out of the Meet and Greet area, we're across the road, and Jeremy and I yell his name and wave with a smile.
Josh... he sees, and as he gets into the car he gives us the widest grin and a peace sign. Death to us, it was.
And then Jen comes by to get into her car. We get the people around us to count to three and at the same time call her name. We all do so, and then Jeremy yells, "JEN, I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE FOR YOU!"
Holy shit, guys. She has the biggest grin on her face, and she blows to kisses for both Jeremy and I, then tells us she loves us as she climbs into the car. I could not move. Jeremy started to cry.
And then Liam comes. We call his name and wave much like we did Josh, and he waves back with another wide grin before he leaves.
At this point, our lungs have failed.
And so we meet the others by the escalator, trying to breath and such. We tell them all about it, and it was the best day of my life.
The worst of it, though, was when Kylah and I had to leave back to Canada. Oh my God, it was the saddest goodbye ever. But we made sure we followed each other on Tumblr, and we are now all Facebook friends.
What a phucking day.


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