This is about Luna..... I can't think

Chapter 2

I have a feeling

Last we heard from the doctor was 6am. They said her lungs weren't responding, and the infection had leaked and they can't locate it. At 6 they said she probally wouldn't live to the night. They said it would take more than a miracle to find the tiny infection. If it reaches her heart it'll kill her almost instantly. The only person who got to see her briefly was Layla. She said she looks pale, thin, and lifeless. This was before her lungs failed and u know what she said
"Lay, stay gold?"
"Cakes why do you keep saying that hun?"
"because any of these could be my last. So I wanted my last words to be stay gold. So... Stay gold Layla stay gold"
Then she passed out and Layla was rushed out. They say after that her lungs failed and they have her heart hooked up to some shiit thing.

Idk I just know.
I really think
I know

She's dead
I know it
Luna's gone.

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