Random Little Things!

Hello everyone!
If you've checked out my wall or Lynx_Minx's wall, you've possibly noticed all the things I've put on it!
They have no real meaning, they just reflect on stories created & the mood I was in!
Enjoy & hate! LOL

Chapter 4

Bull-crap Invasion!!

by: Cozy_Glow
Gear...The man who gave his life to the Lullaby....
Irregular...His heart beats with the Lullaby...
The Masters of the Court...the Hellish Yard...the Graveyard...Rule the Theatre...
The Gardener...Cares for the Theatres gardens...
The Maid...Saved the mans life to become apart of the Lullaby...
The Magican...A woman who protects the Lullaby's Collectables...

The man...The sin of Greed...Did build the theatre on the brink of his death...

Lu le la, lu le la, lu le la...


"Friendship, trauma, justice, illusion, hope" Master of the Graveyard
"destruction, dream, lust, love, death" Gear
"All mealts & turns eternally into..." Master of the Court
"The Clockwork Lullaby!" Spoiled Maid
"Before he died, the lonely man..." Irregular
"Constructed a theatre!" Gardener
"Will the Utopia he dreamed of be completed?" Magician & Master of the Hellish Yard

"Let us look on this Farce known as LIFE!" Everyone of the Theatre


In a heartbeat, I'll be there,
Lost to the world of Underland.
Red hot & ice cold,
If onlt this was Wonderland.

If only, if only, I could cry,
The rain would fall & the Angels die.
If only, if only, I could scream,
The Demons would be one to Dream.

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