Random Little Things!

Hello everyone!
If you've checked out my wall or Lynx_Minx's wall, you've possibly noticed all the things I've put on it!
They have no real meaning, they just reflect on stories created & the mood I was in!
Enjoy & hate! LOL

Chapter 3

Lynx_Minx's Wall

by: Cozy_Glow
Black-Winged Angels & White-Winged Devils.
Nice Vampires & Evil Mermaids.
Changing Eyes & Missing Pasts.
Love, death, betrayal, after-life...
All wrapped into several stories created by you!


Cyr, cry, cry,
Tis woman doth cry.
Lily in hand,
If only it doth fly.

Blue & red do fall,
In tears & blood.
Swaying dresses at the ball,
It all happens in a flood.

Little & lost,
As cold as frost.
With a lantern in hand,
We'll light the land.


I'm a pretty blue bunny,
Sitting here with you.
You better pay attention to me,
Because I love you.
I know you love me too,
AnBut you pay attention to others.
So, I'll eat you up ,
Stop you from loving them.

This is the tail of a poor red blue rabbit...
Sorry, Master...

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