Random Little Things!

Hello everyone!
If you've checked out my wall or Lynx_Minx's wall, you've possibly noticed all the things I've put on it!
They have no real meaning, they just reflect on stories created & the mood I was in!
Enjoy & hate! LOL

Chapter 174

Red vs Blue

by: Cozy_Glow
Red vs Blue, Blue vs Red,
Round an' round the canyon we go.
1 step forward,
50 steps back,
Freelance Tex is right on our back!
Warthog, Puma, Mantis & Tank,
We'll blow 'em all up,
Just you watch~
Pressing buttons, left & right,
Helping Tucker get it right--
Oh, wait... I helped Tucker...
--Simmons, Grif & Sargent man,
Make for the background
Much too late!
Texas, Texas, she's so tough,
A mean lady just for Church!
I wanna be your friend,
But we're stuck playing your favourite game
Of hide & seek

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