Random Little Things!

Hello everyone!
If you've checked out my wall or Lynx_Minx's wall, you've possibly noticed all the things I've put on it!
They have no real meaning, they just reflect on stories created & the mood I was in!
Enjoy & hate! LOL

Chapter 172


by: Cozy_Glow
One, Two, Buckle my shoe,
The Fall is Nye,
My blood is dry.
Winter fresh,
Spring is cold,
Summer flesh is sticky wet.
My blood, your blood,
Mixing in harmony,
Whilst we dance the Flood.
Orange, Blue, Black & Grey,
Violet, Indigo, Green, Yellow,
Red they mix & tumble 'round.
O' the Red comes in bounds,
Knots tied by throat & vein,
About the hands & feet to one such as You.
Blood & snow,
White to red,
Wolves & Darkness share the spoils.
Crying upon the dead,
Preying upon the fled,
We are Them.


Love is time,
Time is love,
If this were true, could one love you?
Generations long,
Life so short,
Stupid people pass us both.
Are friends the Fountain of Youth?
Or the Fountain of Change?
Tears for Fears & Fears are tears,
The Saints do sin,
The Sinners do no wrong,
And God fell in love with Humanity again.
The world goes round,
Infinity loops,
Life always begins & ends.
Our friendship will last lifetimes longer
Than anyone will know!

You're my best friend & let them all know!



Should I help or not?
Should I speak or shut up?
What I say means nothing anyway.
If I try to be good,
I'm told to go away.
If I want to be alone,
I'm a mean & horrible person.
How can I win when I can only lose?
What I say means nothing anyway.
"I want to help! What do you think?"
I seem to say a lot,
But this is the reply:
"I think I need a break from this!
You bore me all too tears!"
I stop with talking,
And am greeted:
"Why have you stopped?
Do you hate me or something now?"

I love you all.


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