Jessie's girl

Just something I came up with when listening to Rick Springfield's Jessie's girl and trying to avoid doing a swedish essey :) It won't be too long...Hope you like the story :) <3<3<3<3<3


Chapter 2

This sucks

I was getting things out of my locker when I heard a someone come to the locker. I shut my locker and what to you know Jessie and Jamie locking lips.

"Get a room you two" I said a started to walk to class, not being in the mood to watch them suck face.

They responded with a chuckle and a giggle and a "hey bro wait up", but I ignored it. Soon enough I felt someone grab my arm and pull me to a stop.

"bro, why didn't you stop" the owner of the hand that was still on my arm asked.
"Maybe I didn't feel like waiting for you to stop snugging your girlfriend, Jessie" I answered, turned to him and shook of his hand.
" Who's in a bad mood, did DeDe turn you down again?" placing his hand on my shoulder.
"No, she didn't. And btw it's me turning her down"
" yeah right" he retorted
"what ever" I said and shruged his hand off of me once again. I then started to head to class.
"what's with you dude, you've been acting weird for weeks"
"if you say so," he said as we entered the classoom.

We took our seats at the back of the classroom. DeDe said hi and smiled one of her big fake smiles. She and I started passing notes the second the teacher started talking. It went like this
Hi:) = DeDe
Hi = me
nothing much, u?
same, I was wondering If you were going to the party friday:D
yeah, y?
just thought if you'd like to be my date

I was about to answer no once more, when i thought better 'why the hell not' It's not like I'll ever get with Jamie. So I answered:

YAY!!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):) pick me up at 8!

And the day went on, and on, and on, and on, and on. At lunch the whole school knew I was going to Jackson's part with DeDe.
"Rick, you dog! What happened to you not liking DeDe?" Jessie said as he sat next to me, patting my back. I just srugged. Jackson was throwing the football he carried around up and down. And Josh and Andy were talking about MW3. Jason, Pete and Randy on the other hand were talking about the new English lit substitute and all the things they'd like to do to her ;) Ijust sat there and ate and he just stared at me. " whatever man, I thought I was your friend, but whatever, Imma go eat with my gf." he said standing up. i grabbed his hand and said " look I'm sorry I've just been outof it lately." " It's ok bro" he answered and sat back down. We nded up talking about our next game with Jackson.

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