My Take on... Johanna Mason

My English teacher gave us this assignment: write 5-8 sentences about a book/movie character who is unforgettable. Tell who they are and explain why they will not be forgotten. I asked her if I could write more and she said sure! When I told my friends I was doing Johanna they flipped out. I told them that she is unforgettable, even though I don't even like her as a character. EDIT: I do. She's awesome, and I've proved this to my friends, too.

Chapter 1

Unforgettable Character Assignment: Johanna Mason, Hunger Games Trilogy

Johanna Mason, who first appears in Catching Fire after being Reaped for the third Quarter Quell, is in her early 20's. She is the last living victor from District 7 and participated in the 71st or 72nd Hunger Games and again in the 75th. In her first Games, she pretended to be a weakling when in reality she was sly and cunning. Katniss described her as having a "wicked ability to murder".
Johanna has wide-set brown eyes and short, spiky hair. She is perceptive and critical of people. She can also be very difficult at times and is described as being sarcastic and snarky. She is also gutsy when it comes to showing her dislike for the Capitol. During the Quell, after assuring Katniss that Prim we not dead as it would likely cause an uprising, she throws her head back and yells to the camera, "whole country in rebellion? Wouldn't want anything like that!"
There are not many people who would name Johanna as their favourite character, seeing as she can be quite cruel and vicious. But, as she becomes closer to Katniss, she proves herself to not be a bad person. Johanna is surely unforgettable in many ways. Besides her obvious winning the Games due to her skill, she proved that she doesn't care what people think of her in a way that most wouldn't. In the elevator with Katniss and Peeta, she claimed her stylist was an idiot and stripped off her tree costume. That's what I call brave.
Johanna is not afraid to speak what's on her mind, no matter how to her disadvantage this is. She told Katniss her own flaws instead of pretending that the Girl On Fire was perfect, which is exactly what Delly Cartwright was doing- but that's another story.
Johanna may not be the best role model. I even have quite a few friends that despise her. I felt that, by writing this, I could point out her admirable qualities. She surely does have quite a few, though you have to dig deep to find them. Some people may even have pity on her; during the jabberjay attack in the Arena (Jabberjays imitate the screams of your loved ones), she had claimed "I'm not like all of you. There's no one left I love." The Capitol had tortured them in attempt to get to her, but it didn't work. Johanna is too strong.
In one conversation with Katniss, Johanna remarked, "the Games messed us all up pretty bad, huh?" which is quite true. Johanna might've gotten her cunning and slightly vicious nature from the Games that she won.
A lot of people downright hate this girl, and I can understand why. She's deceiving, blunt, hardheaded and stubborn. She isn't even that nice. But these things set aside, she's a really brilliant character. And inside, she's still the girl that got Reaped for the Games at no older than 15 or 16. And sometimes, it shows.
And this is why Johanna Mason is truly unforgettable.


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