who would fall for you? Vampire, neko, werewolf, or angel part 22

I am really pumped and its ending but not in this one the next few ones are more er action--y ?? xD anywayz hope you like it oh and when its over I'm going to open up the what do my characters think of you for those of you who missed it :)

Chapter 1

time for the story telling

by: nyan_sama
"we're what" you say looking at the ring "getting married, hurry and take a shower some people will be in to help you get dressed ok" he says to you "why" "the wedding's today love" he says kissing you and walking out

you step into the shower wondering how your going to get yourself out of this one. you step out of the shower and slip on the robe outside of the shower for you, as youe brushing your teeth someone knocks on the door "_ are you going to be long" an unfamiliar voice of ..... a girl "um be out in a second" you said finishing brushing your teeth and floss then you step out of the bathroom.

"um hello" you say looking around and seeing some girls that looked like they were maids "are you _
" one askes you "yes why" "we're here to help you into your dress and do your make up and hair" a different one says holding up the dress (aka there are three maids and this is the dress http://www.quibblo.com/user/DomoHoe/photoalbum/1761916 ) "do I really have to do this" you say panicing, you dont want to get married to Josh "afraid so, sweetie" the last one said "now come stand here so we can start.

They put the dress on you and do your make up to match and give you an loose updo when you look in the mirror you think wow I look beautiful and you get an idea "can I have a minute alone please" you ask in your sweetest voice "sure sweetie" they say walking out "but remember the weddings in 10 minutes" when they leave you begin looking around you gather some things; tape, scissors, a screwdriver, a few razors, and a brick you found.

'FF' your walking with the maids to the main hall where you meet up with Ian and Vikki. Then the maids leave you "why'd they leave" you ask "because we take you the rest of the way and we are suppossed to walk you down the aisle" Vikki says like your a moron. You guys walk behind the doors to the aisle and you think its now or never so you pull the brick from under your dress and hit Vikki over the head with it, knocking her unconscious then you turn to Ian, close your eyes and swing

"__" Ian whispers " your back" you say opening your eyes and smiling knowing you hit the collar off, your target, Ian pulls you into a hug "whats going on" ian asks "my wedding" you say hugging him back " what your getting married to who" "Josh, listen we don't have a lot of time so here" you say pulling a screwdriver and a razor out from under your dress and handing then to Ian "ok this is the plan" you tell him the plan and he understand "ok but here he have me these in case you got out of hand" he says pulling out two daggers and giving you one "you know what to do"

You heard the music playing 'here comes the bride' and took a deep breath "ready Ian asks "ready" you reply. You two walk through the doors and down the aisle, your heart is beating really fast as you near the end Ian lets you go and takes his seat in the back. You get to the front with Josh "wheres Vikki" he asks "potty break" you say smirking he doesn't think about to much and the guy marrying you two starts talking.

You turn to the crowd and squint looking to the back row to Ian and hes gone. You try to hide a smile thinking 'phase one complete'

Ending here hmmmm a lot of mystery but hey at least Isms back to his old self am I right but whered he go and why do I always ask you guys I dunno :P anyways read the memo and rate comment bye for now ;D


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