Kony 2012 (if you have a heart and soul, please. read.)

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Chapter 1

please. and read the introduction!!!!!!!!!!!

Think about all the things you have. Think about all the things you want. How many of those things, would you trade, give away, throw away, to save a couple of kids?

Think about the world's history. I'm sure we all know about the holocaust, for example.

The millions of Jews who were murdered by Adolf Hitler, because he wanted a 'perfect' world -- and in his perfect world, certain groups of people did not exist.

Americans didn't tolerate that. Neither did many of the other Allies. We helped put an end to that.

What if I told you, that in Africa--Uganda, to be exact--there was a man abducting children? What if I said that he was turning little girls into sexslaves and young boys into child soldiers? What if that, although, Uganda has been liberated (thanks to a couple hundred US Soldiers) this man, Joseph Kony, is still at large, and is now in the Democratic Republic of Congo?

If you're heartless, you won't continue. You'll stop reading here. If you're not, if you care about the lives of others, you'll keep reading.

This is the US. If someone handed a gunto a child here, and made them kill people, this would be all over the news.

Kony is a heartless, souless man, who has no reason to do this. Except for power. All he wants is power. Nothing to fight for. Nothing to fight against.

Just power.

These kids are forced to mutilate, murder there parents and other family members, and kill others.

Kony is the head of the rebels, the LRA.

Kony's been doing this for nearly THIRTY YEARS.

But this year, we will stop him.

If we can spread the word, all over the planet, we can help stop Kony. We can help Congo and Uganda get all the necessary equipment, and US Soldiers to help find Kony!

Kony is the #1 Criminal in the world. The US Government wont do anything unless we, the People, show we care.

Help stop Child soldiers and sex slaves.

Go to YouTube or Google and type in Kony 2012. Look for the 25 to 30 minute video. Repost this and show others in any way possible.

And please donate.

We are ending this war.

We are changing this world.

Spread the word, everywhere you can. Don't just sit and do nothing. Save the Children. Save the world.

(Created by KahokoHino_EEVEE)

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