Milk 2

Sequel to Milk. You don't actually have to read the first to know what's going on

Chapter 1


A girl with purple hair and white bangs, blue pupilless eyes, two stringy ears and a curled tail was arguing with Saetan, a monochrome cat boy with white hair, skin, and tail, eyes resembling the Eye of Horus, and black fur covering the outside of the earss situated on his head.

Nozomiiko D'airlynn stared down the very, very annoyed catboy in her store. He wasn't budging, and neither was she.
"No." Came the snippety response.
"But NNNNOOOOZZZZZOOO!" Saetan whined.
"Why didn't you ask Sota like last time?"
"He said no, and hung up!" Saetan continued to whine.
Nozo sighed. "Anything in it for me? I can't believe I'm even considering to do this. I should actually take my meds." Nozo pinched the bridge of her nose. "Why should I do this?"
"Because," I explained placidly, "if I can't figure out a good reason before I go to fencing(which I can't), you're going because I told you to. Now hurry along." I waved and dissapeared in an eddie in the folds of spacetime.

Saetan grasped Nozo's wrist and dragged her outside, to the parking lot in front of Teh Bookstore. They stood there for a bit.
"Is this punishment for making an illusionary milk carton?" Nozo grumbled, pulling her arm away.
"I...guess you could think about it that way," Saetan cocked his head in thought."Not trying to get revenge or anything. Just Sota's not up for an adventure or anythin'."
Nozo sighed and hung her head. "What are we going to do now?"

"Grocery Store, first!" Saetan pointed across the parking lot, but his intention was across the city, where the only grocery store that would accept catpeople resided. Nozo pulled up a bike, gave it some thought, and created another one. She mounted the only vehicle she could make and Saetan florpled onto his.
"Want a concealment?" She offered as she started pedaling. Saetan rolled up his really long sleeve-thingies and shrugged. Nozo created one around him anyways.

A fair distance away, a lemur was whining to a fry cook.

Sota stared at the clock blearily. He hated school so, so, much. The cat slumped against his desk and promptly fell asleep during his physics lecture, dreaming of Ampharos and the sheep the produced steel wool. He had no idea about the complete pandemonium that was about to be acheived by his two good friends.

Before I allow Bij to write the next chapter, I will first regale you with an awe-inspiring tale of...awe.

There once was a goldfish. He was a very remarkable goldfish, in the fact that he could sing opera. He had a very beautif tenor voice, but, as, no one cared as he was a goldfish. A stray cat ate him one fine March morning.


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