If I Die, Protect My Sister (an original story)

A teenage boy in charge of his family forced to go into the army. His little sister and fiancee meaning the world to him, so what happens if, and when he dies?

Chapter 3

Journal Entry 2

My life will end soon, I know it. Leah is upset, and by the sounds of it, so is Mikayla. I feel bad for them. They’re family, and I love them both. I can’t help but feel as if this is all my fault.
Dear Mikayla,
I know everything back home is hard without me. I hope you and Leah are well, and I want you to tell her that everything will be alright. Please protect her for me. I’m protecting you guys out here, and I want you to protect her at home. Please do this for me Mikayla. If I come home, I swear we will be wed on the first morn of my return. Good luck my love.

I swore to Mikayla that if I return, we’ll wed the first morn I’m back. It’s hard out there, and my mates are dropping quicker than should be possible as it is.

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