I need some help and/or advice

Chapter 1

Okay, so...

I've had these thoughts.. And I'm not sure what they should be called, and what they are.

I've frequently had thoughts in my life about wanting to be a guy, and I hate girly things. I love playing video games and hate things like dresses and stuff. It's not just "oh it's okay, you're just not into girly things". It's more than that. I would love to be a guy instead of a girl, I just get so happy picturing myself in a suit, or formal wear. But I don't want to get the surgery, because I would feel like I would lose who I currently am. I desperately want to tell someone, I would feel so so happy if I could go around wearing formal wear, it gets me so depressed that I can't do anything about it.

So this is my rant/question thing, the question is at the beginning, the rest is just information. Thanks for any help, and please no judging or hating, just need advice from those who know about this type of thing.


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