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So here's what I'm thinking, I'm going to make a list of questions, answer them in my chapter. As you probably already know, a chain story is where you write a chapter, and pass it on to a different Quibblo user, and this is where when you write your chapter, you'll have all the same questions that are in mine, and also answer them. Plus also the title of the chapter has to be your Quibblo username. Don't worry if you don't quite understand, you will once you read my chapter.

Chapter 1


Quibblo Name: EstherRoxie
Real Name: Esther
Middle Name: Blessing
Eye color: Green
Hair color: Brown
Age: 13
Birthday: September 1st
Pets: 2 dogs, 9 cats, 2 birds, 1 gerbil, 1 guinea pig
Favorite color: Purple, Black
Favorite movie: The Twilight Saga movies
Favorite singer: Taylor Swift

(You don't have to have this part in your chapter, but anyway, I didn't invite anyone to do the next chapter, so if you are interested, comment or message me and I'll invite you to do the next chapter.)

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