Riddle Me This~A Hogwarts Love Story

Name: Rylee Riddle
Age: 14 (15 on Christmas)
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Black
Status: Orphaned since 1

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Chapter 1

Welcome to Hogwarts

by: AlyRenna

Okay, so I'm a witch, I missed three years of 'school', and I just walked through a freakin' brick wall! I must be insane I can't imagine if I am, it just seems so real...
People in robes pushed past me with children and teens following them, all trying to get to the doors of the train that said Hogwarts Express on it. Some of the people around my age had black robes with different coloured accents on and others were still in their street clothes.
I tried pushing past this particularly large man when I tripped on his robes and fell. My owl, Alphonse, started screeching as her cage tipped of my suitcase and rolled towards the tracks.
"Someone get my owl!" I cried out, thrusting people out of my way to get to her. Alphonse almost went over the edge when someone quickly grabbed the cage. When I made it to the person, I gingerly took the cage and breathlessly thanked the girl. She had fire red hair and bright brown eyes.
She smiled at me and then looked down "How on earth were you able to run in those shoes?" Before I could answer, the train's whistle blew in signal for soon departure. I hurried back to my abandoned suitcase and into the train just before the door slid shut.
I started walking down the small corridor when the train started moving. I grabbed on to a door handle to keep my balance when it suddenly slid open making me topple on top of my suitcase.
"Why don't you watch where you're going you little prat." I looked up to see a boy with sleek, blonde white hair who had a smirk on his face.
I glared up at him, unsure of what to say "Well, uhm..ugh! Whatever" I feel so defeated whenever I can't come up with a comeback! I wish I was more quick witted.
I picked my self up off the ground, readjusted my shirt, and pushed past the boy, making sure my suitcase hit him as I went.
"B----" he muttered as he went back into his compartment. I smirked to myself as I peeked through windows, hoping to find an empty room.
"Hey! Come over this way, I don't think there's room anywhere else!" I turned to the voice and saw the same girl who saved Alphonse waving at me. I waved back and sped over to the compartment she was leaning out of. I thanked her for the offer when two boys grabbed my suitcase and Alphonse's cage
"Here, we got it"
"Yeah, don't need a pretty girl like you hurting herself."
They tossed my luggage onto the rails overhead and sat down across from me and the girl. Twins! I thought to myself. I've never seen twins before; the orphanage I live (well, lived) at was quite small.
They both had bright shaggy hair, brown eyes, and the same mischevious grin as they eyed me over.
The one on the left gave a weak cough before talking "Well, now that we've unofficially met, maybe it's time that we officially met! I'm Fred, and this ugly one here is George!"
"No, I'm Fred! He's George!" said the one on the right, elbowing his brother in the side.
"Ouch! Watch it George, don't want to make a fool of yourself in front of her, do you now?"
I must've had a confused look on my face because the girl gave a chuckle and a sigh before pointing to the one on the right "/He's/ Fred, and the one on the left is George."
George crossed his arms and gave a pouting face "Come on now Ginny, we were only having some fun." He turned to me "She's our sister Ginny, she's a third year and Fred and I are in our sixth. What say you?"
"Uhm...I'm not sure actually" I said, my cheeks becoming hot "I think I'm in my fourth year"
"How could you not know?" Fred asking, supressing a laugh. "Did someone use the Confundus charm on you?"
I shook my head Confundus charm? God, I have so much to learn! "No, I've never been to Hogwarts I--"
"Never been to Hogwarts??" Ginny blurted out, astonished. "I don't think I've ever heard of someone coming in late! I would've thought the school would only accept people for first year only."
I shrugged "Proffessor McGonagall said that too, but I was an exception because they were apparently 'tracking me down' for a while and only now found me. Crazy right?"
Fred shook his head "Blimey, do you know how you'll catch up? You have three years worth to make up."
"Until November, I'm going to have two days of fourth year classes, one of first, one of second, and one of third. After that, they'll see if I'm all caught up."
"And you haven't been sorted either, have you?" Ginny asked.
I looked at her worriedly "Sorted? I'm put into a certain group?"
She nodded "Gryffindor, HufflePuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin. We're all in Gryffindor; you better get it too, well, anything but Slytherin."
I was about to ask why no Slytherin when there was a sudden flash of lightening followed by a crack of thunder. I screamed and snatched Ginny's arm.
The twins started laughing like Hyena's and Ginny just glared at them.
"How can she be scared of a little thunder!? Ha! That's rich!" Fred clutched his stomach as he started wheezing out laughs.
I stood up angrily and walked to the door. "F--- you guys" I stepped out into the hallway and started walking down the cart. I got the end of the cart and grabbed onto the rail on the door when the train made another jolt come on, just calm down girl, you don't need them..God D---! I wish this storm would stop
As if to challenge me, it started to rain harder and the thunder got louder. I got down on my knees and breathed heavily in hopes to calm down.
"Hey, you might need this. We'll be getting off the train soon." Ginny sat down next to me already in her school robes and handed me mine. "It's only the robe, I suppose you'll get the rest of the uniform once your sorted?"
I nodded and took my robe "Thanks Ginny."
She smiled and leaned against the wall "Don't worry about my brothers, they're always joking around; it's who they are. I'm not sure I've ever seen them not like that."
I nodded again "I thought I would be used to that kinda stuff, I'm always made fun of at the orphan-- where I live." I hoped she didn't hear what I was about to say.
She gave me a concerned look "Orphanage? You're parents are dead?"
I shrugged, "Iunno, the headmistress says that they abandoned me, so they might be dead, they might not."
I jumped again and shook my head "God, I hate storms."
"Me too," Ginny said, shivering "But being the only girl in the family --besides my mom-- kinda hardened me. Hey, is the train slowing down?"

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