who would fall for you? Vampire, neko, werewolf, or angel part 21

ok so putting the rest as stories would be easier for so I'm sorry if you don't like it RECAP- you figured out Ian has a collar on making him act weird and he brought you back to Josh :O ready

Chapter 1

Story time ^-^

by: nyan_sama
"you got her" a familiar voice says "of course master" Ian says stepping aside and revealing Josh!!!

"Josh" you say shocked "what is your problem why dont you get a life" he smirks and walks over to you and you see he has bruises "your my life I love you _" he says grabbing your hand and pulling you towards him "um master do you want the thing now" Ian askes tapping Josh "yes go get it now" he tells Ian

Ian leaves with Vikki trailing behind him. "what thing Josh" you ask him "what do you mean sweetie" he says innocintly "dont call me that and the thing you just told Ian to get" "nothing much" "what do you mean nothing much" "you'll see" "I want to know now" "soon" "now" "forget it" he says kissing your neck "stop that" you say trying to get away from him "dont do that babe" he whispers in your ear tightening his grip on your wrists and wraping his other arm firmly aroung your waist "ow Josh that hurts seriously stop" you say getting scared "but why you know you like it" "I don't like it Josh" you say struggling trying to get out of his grip "I said don't!!" Josh says getting angry which scares you. you look around trying to look for an ecsape thinking about something you saw in a movie you decide to go limp. you make your body go limp making it harder for Josh to hold you "oh so you wanna play that way well ok then" he says smirking then he drops down so you guys are on the floor `guess I didnt think this through` you think to yourself beggining to panic "I never thought our first time would be on the floor but hey I can't help myself" he says with an evil glint in his eyes. he leans down on you pressing his body to yours so you cant get up he begins kissing you again and your panicing not knowing what to do when Ian finally comes back bursting through the door

"oh I'm sorry did I interupt something" he says "no" you say quickly Josh just growls "whatever you idiot did you get it" he says iritated "yes here it is" Ian says handing him something "ok get out now" Josh says to Ian "what is that you say backing away but he gets closer and slips something in your hand kissing you lightly on the lips. then he backs away smiling a genuine smile

When you looks down in your hand you see a ring (I dont feel like describing it so here is the link http://www.quibblo.com/user/DomoHoe/photoalbum/1756218 ) you looked at it shock "Josh..." you say skeptically "its your engagment ring silly, we're getting married" Josh says grinning from ear to ear "we're what" you say looking at the ring "getting married, hurry and take a shower some people will be in to help you get dressed ok" he says to you "why" "the wedding's today love" he says kissing you and walking out

I'm gonna end it here wow its all coming according to plan :P comment/rate/message buh bye guys ^-^


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