The Sight

Picture of Jay

Chapter 1

The Boy

There are few people who have The Sight. My great-great-great-great-great-great and so many more greats, was the first in our family. It's gone all the way down to me, Kat Evers.
People think that the sight is a great gift, but the people who have to experience it, it's the worst thing that has happened to us. You see the dead are supposed to stay dead, but it's as if they stay here just for us to see, but even some of them don't even know that they're dead, and get very angry. We The Seers, have a certain job to do.
We have to help try to get them to move on, except it's not as easy as some people think, especially for me, considering I had to deal with Him. You know when they find out that they are dead, most of them want to move on and go to the 'Otherside', but I had to deal with Jay Storm, the boy who never wanted to move on.

My day started out as normal as normal can be, for someone with my abilities. I woke up, got dressed into my school uniform, which was made up of: a white blouse, a light blue tie, navy blue jacket, a matching knee-length skirt, a pair of white knee-length socks, and a pair of black shoes. Then I combed out my midnight black hair and put in my thick, navy blue head-band, keeping my bangs over my green eyes.
I quickly ate my breakfast and brushed my teeth, grabbing my luch I ran outside to the bus. I sat in my regular seat, at the front, by myself. I looked out the window and saw about ten corpse pale people. Well not people, they're spirits. I've got to help them sometime, maybe a few tonight and, if I don't have homework, then some later on the weekend.
As we stopped infront of the school I saw the usual spirits. A few female spirits sitting by themselves, others talking to eachother, doing never ending homework. But they male spirits were worse. A few were behaving and talking with some other spirits and being by themselves, but most of them were bothing humans.
Some were causing wind the blow people's papers over, some were checking girls out, and others were trying to touch humans, like hit them in the head, but the humans only get chills. Ahhh, normal day in middle school.
I grabbed my stuff and climbed off of the bus. Throwing my bag over my shoulder, I walked down the sidewalk to the school entrance, going straight to my locker. I felt a cool breeze behind me, and turned around. Right behind me was a ghost. His white hair was shining in the lights, and was as pale as his skin.
Another gust of wind blew by, his navy blue uniform didn't move with the wind, it just stayed still, he was probably trying to bug me like he always does. Back to what my mom taught me. "Do you need help? Do you want help to get to the other side?" I tried to sound as kind as ever, I didn't expect him to respond, he only started hanging around me a few days ago, but I already want him gone. He chuckled and smirked. "Are you kidding me? This is heaven. Bugging kids, being invisible, staying young forever, going anywhwere I want, I'm free, why would I want to move on?"
"It's better on the other side, you'll find peace there, just move on." "I'm never leaving, and nobody can stop me!" He argued, sounding like a toddler, arguing with his parents. In a gust of wind, he was gone, and I was left alone in the middle of an empty hallway, this was going to be a really tough job.
I went to my class, and I wasn't suprised to see the white-haired boy there, whispering something in a guy's ear. The poor boy instantly stood up from his chair and put his arm around a girl's waist, who slapped him in the face. He went out of his daze and apologized so many times until he had to sit down. The white-haired boy saw me and grinned, he was amused by my presence.
In a flash he was at my desk, leaning there with his chin in his right hand, grinning at me.
He reminded me of Peter Pan like that, except this guy couldn't fly, and Peter was less annoying. I ignored him the best I could, as I put my stuff in my desk. "Still trying to make me move on?" I didn't respond, making him feel invisible, perfect techinque for making them feel angry about being invisible, wanting to move on, done plenty of times and has always worked.
"I know you can see me, and hear me, might as well face that Kathren Evers." That set me off, I looked up and glared right into his pale blue eyes, nobody, and I mean nobody, calls me Kathren, ever!
"Gotcha," he chuckled in triumph. I can't wait to send him to the Otherside, so I won't have to deal with him anymore. "How do you know my name?" I hissed, trying to be as quiet as ever, so nobody will give me weird looks, again. "It's my job to know who everyone is, their desires, dreams and such, and I like to use it against them."
He smirked at me again, this guy was really annoying. "So what's your dreams, Kathren, hmmm." I walk behind me and was powerful enough to actually touch my shoulders, putting his head right beside mine. "What are your desires?" He whispered in my ear. I shivered, he was as cold as ice.
I shook him away and tried to concentrate on what we were doing in class, something to do with powers of twos. He was right up in my face now, making sure I kept my attention on him. "Hmmm, do you want someone?" I didn't flinch, but I wanted to try some sort of sorcery to make him a mute, can he ever shut up? I look around him, checking the board, taking notes. "Do you want something?" I stopped writing. "Great, come on you can tell me what you want, a car, a phone, fame, fortune, to be like someone?" I stopped writing again.
This guy is good at figureing me out, just keep on writing, just keep on writing.... "Interesting..... who do you want to be like? A celebrity, a popular girl, people who belong, a relative maybe?" I flinched, big mistake, "That was easy." I silently groaned to myself.
"So who is it, your brother, or maybe your sister? A cousin maybe, what about Mom or Dad?" He was chuckling as I gave him a look of rage. "You know you're very easy to figure out. Too easy, making you angry just made this game fun. But hey I've had a century of practice. Catcha later Kathren!" He smirked again and was gone in a flash, leaving me there in the classroom, ready to explode....again.

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