Deidara Love Story

Deidara Love Story

Name: Ukitake Yuki
Age: 18

U joined the Akatsuki after the death of Sasori. Ur new partner is Deidara.

Chapter 1

Joining The Akatsuki

''Welcome to the Akatsuki,I've realised you have great talents and powers."said the man with many piercings.
I kept quiet.Who is he?Why am I here in the first place?Wasn't I defeating those wimps 'ninja rouges' in the forest?How did I ended up here?
"Well,aren't you going to introduce yourself?"
"Why should I?Shouldn't you introduce first,idiot?"
He scowled.Then,he continued.
"I am Pein.The leader of the Akatsuki."
"I'm Ukitake Yuki.Sorry for caling you..."
"It's okay,"Pein said,cutting me off.
"Now,''Pein continued."We shall do a test on you."
''Test?What test?"
"Kill him."
Pein pointed to a man who tied his black hair low.The eyes of the sharingan.
"Uchiha Itachi,"I said out loud.
"So you do know me,"Itachi spoke in a cold voice.
"How could I not know?I came from the Leaf Village too.And after hearing Sasuke babbling on about you,isn't it quite obvious for me to know you?"
Suddenly,he used Tsukuyomi on me.Heh,that wan't going to work.I had enough of this Sharingan stuff.I could reject it right away.Itachi took a step back.He seemed baffled.Maybe it was his first time someone rejected his Tsukuyomi?
"Not gonna come at me eh?I ain't gonna wait for ya."
I used taijutsus on him,seemed to be working out well.

20 minutes just flew.I had not paid any atttention at all.I was slightly panting.So,Itachi's good after all.Just then,I saw him catching his breath.I used the opportunity to ninjutsus on him.In a blink of an eye,Itachi collapsed on the floor.
"Wow,Yuki-chan is good!"the 'boy' with the mask exclaimed.
I didn't know why,but I was smiling at him.My face showed the word 'Victory'.
"You're pretty good,heh,Yuki,"Itachi managed to mumble.
"Impressive battle.No one could last for more than 10 mins with Itachi.You're the first one,''Pein announced.
"Thank you."
My smile faded.It was time to get serious.
"Congratulations.You've just passed your 'exam'."
I kept quiet.I didn't know how to respond.
"Your partner will be Deidara."
Pein pointed to the blond man leaning against the wall.
"Meet at the conference room for usual meeting later."
I nodded.Then,I diverted my attention towards Deidara.
"Come on,"he said,tugging my shirt.
I followed him into a room.

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