Hetalia: The Ninja

Hetalia: The Ninja

This is the strangest story, honestly, I have ever written.

Chapter 1

The World Conference

"Ok everyone! Time for yet another world conference!" America shouted over all countries.
"Is this another one of your plans to be noticed as a hero?" Britain said angrily. America stuffed a burger in his mouth, gleefully eating until he swallowed.
"Ha ha! This is a step cooler than heroes, I've called this plan ninja!"
"Ninja?" Everyone asked.
"That's right, according to these awesome graphs, it appears ninjas are the superior ones!" America showed the countries a graph that listed super heroes, talking animals, internet memes, and ninjas.
"Wait a second," Russia cut in, "I'm not getting all of this, why should we care about ninjas right now?"
"Good Question!" America pulled down a projector that showed a video of ninjas hopping off roofs, doing back flips, and other cool stuff they do.
"AMERICA! I'm getting none of this! Can you please just explain the ninja problem instead of showing videos!" Britain shouted. Everybody looked at him.
"Wait, do you know the problem?" Japan asked.
"Maybe......" Britain slouched in his chair.
"Well, it appears you do, so if your so great, why don't you explain it?" America asked.
"Um, okay," Britain hopped up to the front of the room.
"As you all know, ninjas are both good and bad, but the ones we are facing are bad!" Everyone was interested in what Britain was saying. "Well, black ninjas are invading countries, stealing some of the most famous land marks, they already stole the pyramids of Egypt, Taj Mahal, and the Easter egg heads on Easter island," Britain finished with a sigh.
"Okay, how exactly is that possible?" Romano asked.
"Dude, last time we had aliens that turned everything white, I'm pretty sure anything's possible!" America interrupted.
"Precisely, so the only way we can defeat these ninjas is to....." Britain started, but of course America jumped in front of him, "Become Ninjas!" He shouted. Britain bumped him out of the way. "Why do you always have to interrupt me?" Britain shouted.
"Because I'm awesome!" America bragged.
"Guys, are you gonna fight again?" France sighed.
"Stay out of this Snail Lover!" Britain shouted angrily.
"Oh it's on!" France said, and started fighting, gradually everyone joined in, but Germany was getting really angry and....
"SHUT UP!!!!!!! I F YOU DOOMCOFFS WISH TO KEEP ALL YOUR PRECIOUS LANDMARKS, WE MIGHT AS WELL STOP FIGHTING AND GET TO THE IMPORTANT STUFF! NOBODY MUST...." Everyone kept fighting, Germany sighed a sigh of dejah vous, and left the room.

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