The New Rose

This is an Ouran High School Host Club fanfic. If you no likey then please dont hesitate to tell me! smiles evilly

Yuuko is a child of wealth and fortune. After her parents' death she was told to search for the remaining members of her family that could care for her. Not only that but after passing her enrtance exam she was accepted into Ouran Private academy as a Scholar. To add to the craziness she meets the host club!

PS: the picture is Yuuko except her boobs are a little less :D

Chapter 1

A New Kyoya?!

by: Amy_chii
Yuuko woke up with a groggy feeling in her head. Yuuko's parents died just 3 years ago, she had been living in the money her family left. She was told by the child services that there was one family member that lived near her. After a long shower in her grand bathroom, she dressed in her usual clothes after putting on her bindings. Her outfit consisted of a blue tank top, a black short sleeve panda hoodie, a pair of dark blue skinny jeans, black converse sneakers, and her Hurley Ipod.

She ran out and locked the door after grabbing her skateboard, her bag, her keys. She skated through the busy streets of Bunkyo, Tokyo, until she found the place she had been looking for. 'This place is where my uncle lives?!' she thought, looking at the old shabby apartment complex.

She went to the apartment number written on the piece of paper she had and surely enough it read on the plaque:
She knocked on the door, only to be greeted by a brown haired girl. "Hello," she greeted, "I am looking for Kotoko and Ryoji Fujioka."
The girl shook hair head and smiled sadly, "Sorry but she has passed away..."
"Oh..." Yuuko stopped for a second thinking of what she was to say. "My name is Yuuko Fujioka, I am related to Ryoji Fujioka by blood."
"I am Haruhi," Haruhi said, smiling. "What brings you to our humble abode?"
Yuuko kept her face stoic,"I am here to-"

A gasp came from behind Yuuko, interrupting her sentence. "Yuuko~!" Ranka squealed. "Who are you?! Why do you know my name?!" she demanded, trying to push him off.

"My dear! I am Ryoji Fujioka AKA Ranka!"
The girl went silent.


"Oh... Haruhi-neesan?"
"I will be attending a school called... Ouran Private Academy as a scholar."


Haruhi looked at her cousin's apparel. "Whats with the baggy apparel? You look like a guy! and Can't you buy better glasses?" she said, thinking: 'She dressed just like I used to!"
"Simple... I dont like wasting money!" she replied beaming a smile at her as they continued to walk to the Third music room.
"Haru-nee?" Yuuko called, her voice seeming like that of an innocent child's. "Yes, what is is Yuu?" she asked keeping her eyes on the path. "Where are we going?" she asked curiously. "The Host Club." Haruhi said, before the thought struck her.
'crap! if the boys meet her---' her train of thought was broken by Yuuko's voice. "Haru-nee, is this it?" she asked, pointing at the two white doors. Sighing, Haruhi warned Yuuko to stay behind her as she opened the doors to reveal six handsome boys. "Welcome to the Host club!" they said in unison.

"Oh it's only Haru-chan!" the small blonde one said, holding a stuffed bunny in his arms.
"Hello Haruhi!" the carrot-color-hair-twins said, moving to closer to Haruhi. "Watcha got there~?" one of them asked. "N-nothing!" Haruhi stuttered, waving her hands in front of her "It's nothing! Really, Hikaru...Kaoru!". One of them moved behind Haruhi to see a raven haired boy, behind her. When Kaoru tried to grab Yuuko's hand, she kicked his shin. "B-boss! Haruhi brought a s-strong friend!" he said, bending to see his bruised shin.
Haruhi moved over to give everyone a full view of Yuuko. "Guys, this is Yuuko Fujioka, the new scholar, and my cousin." Haruhi said before moving over to the boys to introduce them.

"Yuu, this is-"
Yuuko pointed to each one of them stating what she knew. She pointed to a tall prince like boy, "Tamaki Suoh,He was born on April 8 (Buddha's birthday), and is 16 years old. His full name is Rene Tamaki Richard de Grantaine, is a second-year student at Ouran Academy, known as the "Daddy" of the club and also the idiotic host king, who created and founded the club. He considers himself the "Leader" of the group. He is also the "Princely Type" or "The King" in the host club. He moved to Japan from France when he was fourteen due to family issues."
Next she pointed to a boy, slightly taller than the previous one, he had raven hair and dark violet eyes. "Kyoya Ootori, He was born on November 22 (Good Wife Day) and is 16 years old. He is also known as the Vice President of The Host Club, the co-founder, the third son of the Ootori Group. In the host club, he is seen as the "Cool Type". In almost everything he does, he gets something out of it. He also researches all who attend Ouran Academy and appears to know 'everything about everyone'. He is considered the "Mommy" of the group by Suoh-san. He is also known to have low blood pressure."
After Kyoya she pointed towards two light orange haired, brown eyed twins "Kaoru and Hikaru Hitachiin, born on June 9,and are 15 years old. They are seen as the "Little Devil Type" or the "wild type", and also known as the "creepy-uncles" in Tamaki's host club family. Hikaru-san is the older twin, little devil #1, and Kaoru-san is the younger twin, little devil #2. Their contribution to the host club is when they do their routine act of "forbidden brotherly love" with suggestive themes of boy love shown to admiring female fans, Hikaru-san's part as the "seme" and Kaoru-san, the "uke". They are often mistaken for homosexuals, due in part to their act, as well as their naturally close bond. "
After the twins she pointed to a boy shorter than all of them, he had blonde hair and brown eyes. "Mitsukuni Haninozuka, born on February 29 and is 17 years old.Haninozuka-san is depicted as a childish and cake-loving boy who is much older than what his elementary school appearance would indicate. He is also a strong fighter who can send people flying with one kick. He is often around his cousin Mori, to whom he is very close, and lives with his father, the owner of a famous dojo, and his little brother, Yasuchika, with whom he is often at odds."
Lastly, she pointed to a tall dark haired boy, with obsidian like eyes. and Takashi Morinozuka is a third year student at Ouran Academy. He was born on May 5, Children's/Boys' Day, and is 17 years old. The Morinozuka family had protected and served the Haninozuka family for many generations. As the two families were joined by marriage two generations back, they became related to each other, thus breaking the master-servant tradition. Nevertheless, Mori still faithfully protects Haninozuka-san and is always by his side, attending to his wishes and watching out for him. His protective personality extends to his classmates and the Host Club members, earning him a level of respect. He is also protective of Haru-chan, of whom he thinks in a very kind, brotherly way. Although, as a host, he is considered the wild type (aka the strong, silent type), he normally does not try to woo girls."

The host club stared at her wide eyed. Isn't it only supposed to be Kyoya who knows stuff like that?!

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