A bad witness to a devilish girl~~hitachiin love story~

A bad witness to a devilish girl~~hitachiin love story~

Its a love battle and a fight for her life

Chapter 1

A problem child..and a friend

by: _Terbear_
I was dreaming....dreaming of peace and happiness. I looked at the pitch black.I'm not sure if I'm even blinking or even looking around. I didn't want to wake up...I'm scared to.

My name is Mikomie urimaki, I know I know I have a really . Everybody calls me miko and not really anyone knows my actual name.

I have a screwed up life.yes even us rich people has these problems. Thats the thing.being rich was the whole problem. My mom died along time ago.like when I was 12. Well she was murdered by my my dad.They got into a fight and he made her fall out the window.she was threatening to leave with me and he went crazy.

I witness the death of my mother. It was horrible. I'm not allowed to mention it..at all. He said soon after he noticed me standing there "never speak of this or you'll experience the same fate as your mother.."I remember it like it was yesterday.

My dad got rich off of her will. I think he changed it ...I know my mom would leave him everything and leave me a notebook and a pair of her fingerless gloves.I still charish it...but it doesn't seem right or some thing she might do.

Ever since I was scared of him and his girlfriend...or shall I say financ'e /chick on the side.her name is rosie a drunk golddigger. His real girlfriend is Hinata.shes nice and shes a good friend. I don't know why but she loves my dad. I honestly told her that if she ends up with my dad shes gonna be dead.

She wont listen though ...its sad.

Another thing is that rosie has a daughter who now has a right to hit me.I cant hit back...and I have now,if you did the math, I have a total of 1 dead mother,3 abusive people,and 1 nice chick who is basically digging her own grave.

"Ms.urimaki its time to get up...um school is today...oh and breakfast will be soon! " I herd Akita tell me.

"Ugh go away...."I groaned annoyingly.

She shook my back practically begging me to wake up.I grew tired of her so I sat up rubbing my eyes.

"Ok,ok I'm up geez...happy now? " I looked at her as she smiled sweetly.

"Yes quite Ms.urimaki "she said bowing.

" Akita...stop calling me Ms.urimaki it is so formal ok,I'm just plain old Miko!! "

She raisen up and nodded.

"Fine Miko just be ready. Your uniform is in the closet...oh and the girls has to wear these hideous yellow puffball dress so I got you the boys uniform is that ok? " she asked timidly.

"Really!! "I said jumping up. She was alittle startled. I pulled her in for a hug even though she is way taller than me. Shes my favorite maid.she was a close friend.

"Thank you thank you thank you!!" I let her go and ran to the closet.

I looked through my closet and found a cool looking uniform. If only it was black,it would have been perfect.

I took the hanger down and set it on my arm.I then closed my closet and turned and looked at Akita.

I took the hanger down and set it on my arm.I then closed my closet and turned and looked at Akita.

"So...."I stared.she stared at me blankly.

"So....what miko? " she said turning my way.

"So....can you go? I need to change..."I said slowly.

She jumped timidly and started to blush.she bowed and studdered

"I...um ....I didn't ...um I'm gonna leave now!!" She almost tripped dashing out of my room.

I laughed softly and closed the door.

A few minutes have past and all I need to do was put on the jacket. I looked down at my arm and pulled back my sleeve and looked at my bruise. It was still purple but it got smaller.I swear if I ever wore a swim suit,my body would be covered in brusies,scars, and bloody wounds.

I put on my jacket and didn't button it . I took a glimpse in the mirror and brushed my hair.I loosely put on my tie and smiled at my appearance. I looked at my bust witch really stood out in this uniform.

really? It sticks out in this shirt.I sighed its not the worst...I men I could be wearing a yellow tent.I grabbed my new bag ,which I packed yesterday night,and left out of my room

I timidly walked down the stairs looking for any signs of him. I swear that man is bipolar.!! One minute he'll be all nice and father like then the next minute he'll be a abusive syco.

I quickly went and got some toast and raced out the house.when I was more than a mile away from my house I slowed down.I completely stopped and panted resting my hands on my knees.ok I think I'm

Safe.I stood up straight and removed my black hair out of my face.

"Hey...are you ok? " I opened my eye that isn't covered and looked at girl with that yellow dress.

She had Blonde hair and blue eyes.I used to have blond hair but I dyed it black. My blue eyes were still blue..well it always has been. It looked good with my hair. She looked straight into my eye and smiled.

"Yeah...."I said utterly shocked.nobody has ever really talked to me besides my family and my maids. She smiled and took my hand and shook it.

"My name is yuri otahama, and your name? "She asked looking at my wrist.I saw her eyes stop at my

Wrist and I immediately pulled my arm back.

"Oh..I'm Mikomie urimaki ...I'm new "I said while throwing my bag over my shoulder.

" why are you wearing a boys uniform? "She asked while looking at me up and down.

I laughed at her curiosity. "Well I don't really like looking like a big fluffy banana..so I just wore a boys uniform. "

"Oh...understandable ..."she thought about it for a couple of seconds then she started to laugh..

"Oh new huh,well you can walk with me!! Come on!! "She said pulling me along.

We talked for about 15 minutes before we arrived at ouran academy. It was huge and I mean really..HUGE!!

"Come on!! "She yelled pulling me through the big doors.she dragged me up the stairs and next to her home room.

She stopped and turned around .

"Ok Mikomie let me see your schedule.."she said holding out her hand.

I searched through my bookbag looking through all my papers.

"You know you could just call me Miko..and here."I said handing her my schedule. She took it and looked over it twice. Then she got really excited.

"OMG WE HAVE THE ALL THE SAME CLASSES well except for 1st BUT YOU HAVE ALL YOUR CLASSES WITH THE HITACHINN TWINS!!! "she yelled almost "Yuri get off...and who are the twins? " she jumped down and jumped up and down.

"Omg the twins are like sooooooooooooo sexy.!! I have to take you after school!! "She said pulling me down the hall.

She pointed at the doors that said music room 3 and said "this is music room 3 where they host after school!! " I looked at the doors and a smile played on my face.

"Oh...why not now." I said playing with the handle. It took her a minute to get what I was saying.

Then she looked weridly at me.

"Mikomie you wouldn't ...."she started.

"Try me.."I said as I opened the door. A bright light flashed at our faces as like a thousand rose petals flew in my face.

"What the hell!!!" I yelled.

"Omg they do this in the morning too!! "She yelled.

"Welcome ladies "a Blonde dude said. The roses finally stopped blowing revealing 7boys and a girl in a boys uniform also known as the host club....what a drag!! on my back.

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