My shout outs!

So, ppl have been doing this, and i bored, i will add so no one is forgotten. :)

Chapter 5

Some Special Ones!

Okay, i did it again! I have taken forever to update this, and I've made some GREAT friends since the last time! Sorry to those who have already asked me! I'm so so sorry! I will do you eventually! But for now, these are the few special people who have really been there lately, or made me laugh! :D

Kaia-babykaygrl: OMG! Kai! I love you so much! We met each other not to long ago! We are doing a group story together! And i love you! Thanks for making me laugh! We both love One Direction, and i love everything about you! You're sweet, kind, bubbly and realy fun to talk to!

Remi: Met not to long ago, fell in love with your personality! You are so sweet girl! I don't know what i would do without your bubbly personality! Thanks for coming into my life, girlie! ;)

Aylla: ARGH! I could kill you sometimes, but when the days over, i know that i couldn't live without you! Your sweet, kind and i love you so much! You should be here no matter what other people say! I know i couldn't live without you in my life! Thanks for being there sweetie!
I LOVE YOU GIRL! We met like a week ago! And i love you so much! You are so quick at writing stories and i love how quick you do them! Leaves c hapter for me to do every night! :D Thank you! ILYSFM!

Okay, that's all! For now! LOVE YA'LL!

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