My shout outs!

So, ppl have been doing this, and i bored, i will add so no one is forgotten. :)

Chapter 2

Some more for you guys!

Brie-MortRainy-I love you girl. We haven't talked for AGES! It's like a century or something!

Caroline-blondwithspice: I LOVE you girl. You are so sweet and your kind to me. Even though your not on much, i still love you and this is to let you know that!

Peacegirl13- We haven't talked for AGES! I probably lost your message somewhere. Sorry. :) Hope u can forgive me. XD You're sweet and kind and everything that's sugar! Luv you girl!

Reyna-TeamEdward_Peeta : What to say, we met each other last week i think. :) And already i luv ya. You're nice and sweet and kind and awesome. We have been doing our group story together and i think it's pretty damn awesome and my fave girl is Aqua! Keep it real girl!

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