One Step Closer (Klaine)

Kurt Hummel is working for a successful designer in New York City. One day he drops off some clothes and loses his most prized possession (besides his Marc Jacobs canvas bag). His phone. Throw in a reluctant musician and his well-meaning but misguided best friend and he's in for quite an experience.


Enjoy! :)

Chapter 9

Chapter 9

Blaine heads out his apartment the next morning and walks down the hall to Kurt's door. He had been very surprised to get Kurt's text asking him to get coffee. Surprised... but happy. Maybe they can finally become friends. That way he'd at least get something out of the mess Wes threw him into.
It's a good thing Lucas left last night. He may not have taken too kindly to Blaine leaving him in the morning to meet up with another guy. Not that Blaine shoudl feel guilty... he isn't doing anything wrong.
Composing himself, Blaine knocks at Kurt's door. Kurt pokes his head out and gives Blaine a look. "You're early."
"Luckily I'm ready," Kurt says dismissively, coming out and shutting the door behind him. "Shall we?"
They head downstairs and start walking down the block. "I've got to admit," Blaine breaks the silence, "I was a bit surprised when I got that text last night."
"I was surprised I sent it to be honest with you," Kurt admits, scratching at his arm restlessly as they turn a corner and near a small coffee shop.
Blaine laughs. "What do you mean?"
"I mean I wasn't planning on asking you to go get drinks," Kurt tells him. "It was an impulse thing."
Blaine nods, shoving his hands in his pockets. His finger brushes against a guitar pick and he grabs at it, moving his fingers around it as he talks. "I understand that. I'm a very impulsive person."
Kurt laughs. "Well I'm not. Not usually anyways."
Blaine opens the door and motions for Kurt to go ahead. He smiles at the confused look his counterpart gives him. Apparently this man isn't used to having people hold the door for him. "After you," he says with a cheesy grin.
Kurt rolls his eyes, something Blaine has come to recognize a bit as his signature move, before walking past Blaine into the coffee shop.
After getting their drinks they sit at a small table in front of the window, glancing out at the dreary looking New York street. "Nice weather hmmm?" Blaine says jokingly.
Another eye roll.
"I hope your eyes get stuck like that," he muses, sipping at his drink and leaning back.
Kurt scowls. "Like what?"
Blaine laughs. "When your eyes roll. Or like that. Your scowl is so attractive."
"I'm attractive no matter what I do with my face," Kurt says nonchalantly. Well. Someone's confident.


Did he really just say that? Kurt shakes his head. What's wrong with him? He watches as Blaine takes another drink and wonders what even compelled him to invite this man out for coffee. Especially now, looking at Blaine in his baggy sweatshirt, ratty jeans, and Converse that look as if they're going to fall apart at any moment.
Blaine waggles his eyebrows at Kurt from across the table. "Like what you see or something?"
Embarassed, Kurt looks away. "I was actually wondering how you can stand to go out in public."
"With you?" Blaine asks. "It's okay I'm not embarassed to be with you. If anyone I know comes in I'll just move to another table really fast."
It takes Kurt a moment before he realizes what Blaine's saying. "I resent that."
His coffee date laughs and leans back in his chair, crossing his arms. "Kidding, kidding. But if you're allowed to make jabs at me I think I should at least get to reciprocate."
"Fair enough," Kurt says, raising his coffee cup up as if in a salute.
Blaine smiles and mocks the gesture. "Well, I don't know what possessed you to invite me to get coffee with you Kurt. But I'm glad you did. And yes, I do realize you were taking shots at my appearance, which is most uncalled for. Especially since I just got a haircut."
"Oh really? I was so distracted by your terrible wardrobe I didn't even notice," Kurt says, but he's using more of a teasing tone than the snarky one that usually accompanies his conversations with Blaine.
The man rolls his eyes at Kurt but there's still a smile playing at his lips. A piano tune begins playing and Blaine fumbles around in his pockets to produce his phone. His eyes narrow at whatever name is on the screen before he ignores the call and shoves his phone back in his pocket.
Kurt doesn't want to pry, but he can't help feeling a bit curious at who could illicit such a reaction from the puppy-like Blaine. "Telemarketer?" he asks, tilting his head to the side.
Blaine chuckles at that. "I wish. My father."
"Oh." Kurt can tell from his tone that father isn't someone Blaine wants to be discussing, so he drops it. Besides, he doesn't even know this guy. Why does it matter to him? "Well... I'd better get going. My designs are due in two weeks and I'm not even halfway done with the sketches so..."
Blaine nods. "Yeah I'd better get going too. This was nice though. And hey... I'm sorry about being loud last night. My old neighbors didn't mind my playing and I guess I just assumed..."
"It's fine," Kurt cuts him off before he can stop himself. "I was just in a bad mood."
Blaine's mouth twitches up into a smile. "Seems like you usually are when I pop up into your life."
Kurt shrugs and picks up his cup to deposit in the trash. "You're mildly irritating."
Another puppy-ish grin flashes onto Blaine's face as he follows Kurt back out onto the street. "Just mildly? I feel like we're making progress!"
"Progress? With what exactly?"
This gets a shrug from Blaine. "Friends?"
Kurt laughs and turns to go. "We'll see. For now... neighbors."
"Whatever you say... neighbor," Blaine says with a wave before turning to head the opposite direction.
Kurt watches him walk away far longer than he should.


Blaine hums a tune to himself, swinging his arms as he meanders down the sidewalk. He should probably call his dad back... but that can wait. Why ruin his good mood already? Besides, it's probably just to ask him if he'll be joining them for Christmas, which Blaine will answer with a resounding 'NO'. He has no idea where he will be going since he normally just goes with Wes to his parent's house, but he most definitely will not be going home. Avoiding his family as much as possible is one holiday tradition Blaine would like to keep up. It's not that he hates them but... well they kind of seem to hate him.
He'll just sit alone in his apartment and eat popcorn in two weeks. No big deal.

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