One Step Closer (Klaine)

Kurt Hummel is working for a successful designer in New York City. One day he drops off some clothes and loses his most prized possession (besides his Marc Jacobs canvas bag). His phone. Throw in a reluctant musician and his well-meaning but misguided best friend and he's in for quite an experience.


Enjoy! :)

Chapter 3

Chapter Three

Kurt shakes his head. What the hell was that? he thinks to himself as he fumbles with the boxes and sticks his newly returned phone in his pocket. He must have a thousand messages from Mercedes and Rachel and everyone by now. Sighing, Kurt sets the boxes down on his new desk before taking his phone out and unlocking it.
Luckily he holds his scream in.
They found the passcode to his phone. He stares, enraged, at his background picture. It's one of that Blaine guy, lying shirtless on a couch with his eyes closed. He looks like he could be sleeping and Kurt fights back his thoughts about how attractive this man is. He has a boyfriend! And a very nice one too. And this.... Ugh this needs to be deleted. Right away.
But before Kurt can click on his photo gallery a calender reminder pops up. He reads it, the anger building at every line. Drinks with Blaine tomorrow! :) Shaking his head at the childishness of it all, Kurt moves to close the reminder when another pops up, then another, and a few more. All of them reminding him about "dates" with this Blaine guy. He's going to murder him.
They finally stop popping up and, fuming, Kurt reads the last one. Go see Blaine Anderson play at Schemes tonight cuz he's hot. Alright. That is the last straw. Kurt pockets the phone with a scowl. This is too far. He'll just have to pay this "Schemes" a visit and give Blaine Anderson a piece of his mind.


"I still don't see why you won't tell me what you did to his phone," Blaine says back at his apartment.
Wes rolls his eyes. "You didn't look at it?"
"No. I, unlike some people, don't want to go through other people's things."
"It's fine. I didn't do anything bad," Wes says. Blaine doesn't really believe this, but it's too late now regardless.
Glancing at the clock, Blaine stands and grabs his coat from off the back of the couch. "Well I'd better get going. This is your last chance."
Wes makes a face. "I'll pass. Have fun."
"Oh I will." Blaine waves, grabs his guitar case, and heads out onto the street.

The club is really busy, even for Schemes which is almost always crowded. Blaine scans the crowd for Lucas but gives up after five minutes of making awkard eye contact with a few bystanders and not spotting his boyfriend. He sets up on the small stage and adjusts the microphone in front of the keyboard before turning it on and talking into it. "Hey everyone. I'm Blaine Anderson and we're gonna slow it down a bit with an older song if you don't mind." His fingers plunk out some chords before he starts. "Maybe I'm amazed at the way you love me all the time. Maybe I'm afraid of the way I love you. Maybe I'm amazed at the way you pull me out of time..."


"It's you, it's you! You make me sing. You're every line, you're every word. You're everything."
Well he sure does have a voice, Kurt'll give him that much. He looks around, feeling a bit uncomfortable. He almost never went out to the bars unless Mercedes or his boyfriend Kevin talked him into it. It just wasn't ever really his thing. He was much more of a homebody, despite Kevin's constant attempts to make Kurt 'cut loose'.
Kurt takes a seat as close to the stage as possible, ready to ambush Blaine Anderson as soon as he was done. Watching in slight fascination as Blaine picks at his guitar in between verses he has to remind himself of why he's here. Because you don't mess with Kurt Hummel and get away with it. That's why.
"So la, la, la, la, la, la, laaaa. So la, la, la, la, la. And in this crazy life. And through these crazy times it's you, it's you. You make me sing!" Blaine belts out, his mouth so close to the microphone Kurt can hear his deep breaths in between phrases. "You're every line, you're every word. You're everything. You're every song. And I sing along. Cuz you're my everything." Blaine finishes up with a few more 'la, la, la's before setting his guitar down. "Alright guys I'm going to take a quick break. Don't worry, I'll be back onstage later." The crowd cheers before some new Gaga song starts playing.
Trying hard not to sway his hips to the beat, Kurt pushes through the crowd, trying to get to Blaine. "Hey!" he yells. Blaine turns and his face lights up when he sees Kurt.
"We just keep running into each other!" Blaine says with a laugh.
Kurt scowls. So what, he's acting like he doesn't know?! "I don't appreciate what you did to my phone," he says icily.
Blaine's face falls. "What do you mean?"
"I mean," Kurt says, whipping his phone out and unlocking it. "/This/." He shows Blaine the background and shakes his head. "It's rude."
"Oh man," Blaine says, running his hand through his hair. He looks like he's trying not to laugh.
"It's not funny!" Kurt says, crossing his arms.
Blaine shakes his head. "Oh I know. I didn't take that picture though. How could I? I'm sleeping." He points at his closed eyes. "My roommate, Wes... he's just... He's Wes I guess. That's the only way I can explain. I'm really sorry about whatever he did to your phone and I'll fix anything he damaged."
Kurt looks down. He can't help feeling a bit foolish. "Well, maybe I overreacted a bit."
"How did you know I was here?" Blaine asks. Kurt shows him the reminders and Blaine laughs again. "Yeah. That's Wes alright."
"I'm.... I'm kind of embarassed," Kurt says, looking down.
Blaine shakes his head. "Don't be. I admire your... ferocity." He winks at Kurt and Kurt can't help but feel his heart swoon a bit.
"Blaine! Blaine!" Kurt looks up and sees a tall man with long brown hair. He's dressed simply enough with jeans and a grey t-shirt that seems to emphasize his arm muscles. He looks at Blaine and Kurt notes that this guy has smolder down to an art. "Who's this?" the guy asks, motioning towards Kurt and sliding his arm around Blaine's waist.
Kurt notices the guy's expression and nods. Blaine is taken. Noted. Not that it maters, Kurt isn't much of a threat. "Oh Lucas! Hey! This is... Kurt right?"
He nods. "Pleasure."
"So how do you know Blaine?" Lucas asks pulling Blaine even closer.
"I found his phone for him."
"Yes he's my hero," Kurt says with a small smile. "Look, I'd better be going. Good job though Blaine. On the stage and all."
Blaine grins. "Thanks. See you around?"
Kurt nods before glancing over at Lucas once more. The guy nods, but his expression is anything but friendly. For some reason Kurt is under the impression that Blaine won't be seeing him anytime soon.

The first song Blaine sang was "Maybe I'm Amazed" by Paul McCartney. The second was "Everything" by Michael Buble....... In my head I picture Lucas looking like Jonathon Bennett when he had longer hair. You know, that guy from Mean Girls? If you don't know Google images him. Thanks for reading!

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