One Step Closer (Klaine)

Kurt Hummel is working for a successful designer in New York City. One day he drops off some clothes and loses his most prized possession (besides his Marc Jacobs canvas bag). His phone. Throw in a reluctant musician and his well-meaning but misguided best friend and he's in for quite an experience.


Enjoy! :)

Chapter 2

Chapter Two

Kurt heads home feeling like something's missing. It's not until he's closed the door of his apartment that he remembers his lost phone. Of course he's missing something! And he was going to call it at work to see if anyone would pick up. He doesn't have a home phone, it'll just have to wait until tomorrow.
Sighing in frustration and exhaustion, Kurt heads to the bathroom connected to his bedroom to wash his face and moisturize. His thoughts wander back to the shady piano player whose practice he'd walked in on. Maybe he stole the phone? It's hard to imagine though, even if the man was a bit scruffy he seemed like an honest person. He had offered to take all of the outfits after all. Unless he was just using that as a ploy to get in close to Kurt and slip his phone out of his pocket. The only thing that puts him at ease as he rubs the lotion in is that his phone was locked. No one can go through his personal things, thank God.


The next morning, Blaine turns the phone over in his hands before trying another combination. It's one of those locks where you draw a pattern to unlock it. He'd already been locked out for half an hour. A few more times and that could be it.
"What the hell are you doing?" Wes asks from the kitchenette.
Blaine glances up at his roommate and shrugs. "I found this phone at that arts center I performed at last night. I want to figure out whose it is."
"You're crazy man, how are you going to get that thing unlocked? And even if you do and get ahold of the owner, they'd probably freak out on you for unlocking their phone. Whoever it is will get a new one, they probably are this very minute. Relax."
Blaine shakes his head and goes back to trying to figure out the pattern. All of his life he'd been taught to do the right thing. This was one of the few values he'd actually kept and brought with him when he'd finally escaped from Westerville after high school. Besides, some gut feeling of his was telling him that this was important. Wes watches Blaine struggle with the phone for a while before sighing and walking over.
"Here," he holds his hand out. Blaine reluctantly places it in his palm. Wes fiddles with the phone for a few minutes before a triumphant look appears on his face. "Eureka!" he shouts, holding the unlocked phone in the air with a lock of superiority.
Blaine can't help but laugh at the proud look on his friend's face. "Thanks. Now give it here so I can call the poor guy."
Wes gets the devilish look on his face that Blaine knows all too well. "Wes, you aren't allowed to fvck with the phone. Hand it here."
"Just looking at some pictures," Wes says in a sing-song voice. "Damn. He's either gay or this guy gets around. It's just him and a bunch of chicks. And some tall guy's in a few... oh. Yeah he's gay."
"How do you know?" Blaine asks, feeling intrigued despite the little nagging voice in his head telling him this is wrong.
Wes hands the phone to Blaine. He's surprised when he sees the man who dropped off the costumes yesterday posing with a girl. Both of them are in facemasks. "Wait. How does this prove he's gay?"
"What straight man does facials Blaine?"
"I'm gay and I've only done one facial. And you did it with me," Blaine reminds him.
Wes groans. "Those were my bi years remember? High school... ah the memories."
"You would have done it anyways," Blaine says, giving Wes a small shove.
"Hey. Let's not get handsy mister. So, you want me to find this guy's home number if he has one?" Wes asks, his finger over the contacts button.
Blaine shakes his head. "I know where he works. He dropped off some clothes yesterday."
"So he's a fashion guy. And you aren't sure he's gay?" Wes asks, raising an eyebrow at Blaine. Blaine just rolls his eyes at his friend and reaches for the phone. Wes shakes his head and holds it out of reach. "I'm not done looking yet. This guy is probably a much better match for you than Lucas."
"What's wrong with Lucas?" Blaine asks, defending his boyfriend. Wes had never really warmed up to the guy for some reason.
Wes shrugs. "Nothing. He's just not right. I swear."
"Just give me the phone Wes. It's not ours."
"Finders keepers," Wes spits back.
Blaine leans back on the couch, giving in to Wes's childish games. "Fine. But I get it soon. I want to drop it off before I head to the club."
"Which one ya playing at tonight?" Wes asks, his fingers pressing the screen.
Blaine strains to remember. "Uh... Schemes?"
"Gay bar," Wes clarifies. "Guess I'm out."
"That's fine. Lucas will be going and we all know how you feel about him."
Wes nods absentmindedly, his fingers moving over the screen again. Blaine can only imagine what he's doing, but he doesn't move to stop him. Nothing can steer a determined Wes away. "Yeah good thing I won't be there. Can't stand him."
Blaine sighs and closes his eyes. "I know."


Kurt's plans to call his cell as soon as he got to work are soon foiled by none other than Tiffany Hart herself. Within two minutes of being in the building she's roped Kurt and stuck him in her office. He sits in the just-too-hard-to-be-comfortable chair across from Tiffany's desk and taps his foot restlessly. What now?
"Kurt I called you in here because I'm very impressed with your work. I feel like we've grown a bit closer and I was wondering..." Oh God please don't be asking him out. "... great position and of course you'd love it up here on management level. Right? Kurt?"
"Wait. What?" He shakes his head, snapping out of the small state of panic he'd been in.
Tiffany just smiles. "The promotion. You got it. You start up here today."
Kurt can't believe it. "Are you serious?"
She smiles and nods. "Of course. Now hurry up and get your things moved up to your new office. We have things to do."
Kurt nods. "Thank you so much Tiffany. Really."
Tiffany grins. "I know I can count on you Kurt."
Kurt's moving the last of his things up to the top floor when a familiar looking man steps onto the elevator he's on. The man does a double take before clearing his throat. "Uh, hi. I'm the guy you gave the costumes to. Remember?"
Kurt nods before realizing what this must mean. "You found my phone?" The guy nods and smiles, holding up a small little rectangle. Kurt uses his free hand to take it. "Oh my God thank you."
The guy laughs. "No problem. I was just worried I wouldn't be able to find you."
"And here I was thinking you stole it from me," Kurt says with an embarassed laugh.
"Oh well I did," the guy teases him, "but once I hacked it I found out you weren't that interesting enough to stalk so I thought the least I could do was return it."
Kurt rolls his eyes. "Well thank you again for finding it... ah..."
"Blaine," the man fills him in. "Blaine Anderson."
"I'm Kurt Hummel."
Blaine smiles and holds out a hand. "Well, nice to meet you Mr. Hummel. It seems all of your hands are full so..." He grabs Kurt's elbow and shakes it. "There. That'll do."
Kurt flushes at the unexpected contact as the door to the elevator opens. This was his stop. "Well thanks again Blaine. Maybe I'll see you around."
Blaine smiles genuinely at him. "Yeah maybe. See ya."
Kurt's eyes catch Blaine's and he feels as though he can't look away. It's only when the elevator door closes that he realizes that he must have been staring the whole time.

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