Story Contest!

Please enter my contest!

Chapter 1

Okay, the contest!!!

Alright, friends, I have a new contest starting in the story today.
So please read on and enter and try to win the contest!!!!!!

The contest is this. You tell me you would like to enter in the comments! Then I reply to your comment and give a picture with an animal in it. You must write a story about this animal and put in the the title "For WolfofthePine's Contest."
The deadline to enter this contest is March 1st at midnight, your time.
The stories are due March 7th at midnight. :D

No more than 3 curse words per chapter! I don't prefer obscene language!
Use pretty words!

How to get a up in to the winners in my contests-
Be descriptive!!!!!!! No, Bob the cat walked on the table!!!
Be clever!
Don't complain about the animal!!
Use good adjectives!
Make it interesting to read!!!!

That's about it!!!!
So go forth! WRITE!! ENTER!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!

~Le Maître de fromage :D

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