My Savior

O.k. so I have taken a lot from other stories but the details are mostly mine. Soooo if you see anything from one of your stories let me know! Please comment! Constructive criticism is appreciated! Please don’t just dis me! BTW none of any of this has happened to me or anyone I know! Also it’s not making fun of emos! I just love the emo stories I read here so I decided to make a couple

Chapter 3

The Boy

After I left the school I slowly walked towards the tiny well manicured “nature reserve” that is more like a garden then an actual park, but it’s the closest thing to real foliage we have here in the freaking middle of freaking nowhere Nebraska. I go here when I want to hide from bullies, my dad, random strangers, and people in general.
I have been so far into my own head that I literally had no memory of taking out my pocket-knife and making neat little cuts on my left arm. (It’s got the most scars because I’m right handed, but my right arm has a few just not as straight) When I finally realized what had happened it was getting dark. I started cleaning the blade, because I can’t stand it when things aren’t clean. (I’m not OCD but it’s one of the only things I have control of in my life now.)
I was so focused on cleaning it that I didn’t hear the guy walk up to me until he was about 3 feet away from me – and almost nobody can sneak-up on me, not anymore – so yah I jumped pretty high when I noticed him.
“Whoa!” He exclaimed “I didn’t mean to scare you! Are you o.k.?”
He’s probably just going to use me like every other guy my in life.
“Fine” I mumble, turning to walk away.
“Wait!” I heard him say “stop I’m not going to hurt you. But you look like you could use some help. My names Jake by the way.”
“Serena” I say almost in a whisper. I’m still scared but not of him for some reason. More of my father finding me.
“Why don’t I take you home? We can go to my apartment first and grab my car, get you cleaned up then I’ll drive you to your house.”
I wasn’t afraid to go with him actually I felt protected with him-Jake-near me so I nodded yes.
Once we were out of the trees I could see his -gourges(sp?)- face. He had black hair like me, but it didn’t look died. He also had midnight-blue eyes. I couldn’t believe it here stood my dream guy. I even went through my list in my head: Black hair? Check. Blue eyes? Check. Punkish clothes? Check. Lanky, but still semi-muscular? Probably check. Over six-feet-tall? Definite check. For some reason being 5’1 helps you appreciate tall guys, a lot.
Of course I had to check him out from the corner of my eye while looking at the ground, because it would definitely (Sp?) creep him out if some fat ugly little person was checking him out.

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