My Savior

O.k. so I have taken a lot from other stories but the details are mostly mine. Soooo if you see anything from one of your stories let me know! Please comment! Constructive criticism is appreciated! Please don’t just dis me! BTW none of any of this has happened to me or anyone I know! Also it’s not making fun of emos! I just love the emo stories I read here so I decided to make a couple

Chapter 2

Oh sht. somebody knows!

She started with that same annoyingly peppy voice she always uses.
“Hello Serena! How are you doing today?”
“Fine”, I mumble with my head down, sunglasses on, hair covering my face.
“Is there anything you want to tell me?”
Yes. “No”, I say.
“You can tell me anything, you know that right?”
”Sure” ya right.
“Is it your brother?” Oh, right I forgot to tell you I had two brothers. Now I have one. He is a bit of a crack head and we aren’t that close but he loves me and he’s all I got left. People always assume it bothers me that my brother does crack, but it doesn’t. They like to believe he hits me, but they couldn’t be more wrong if they tried.
“Why do people always assume it’s my brother that causes the problem?” I ask in soft mumble. That’s the only way I really talk, if I even talk at all. Softly.
“Honey (I hate it when she calls me honey), it may be because he does drugs.” Yeesh blunt much?
“It’s not my brother!” Even this is soft.
“Then who is it honey?” she asks a little kinder.
“If I tell you he’ll kill me.” This shock’s her, I can tell.
“No he won’t honey we can protect you.”
I can’t hold it in any longer so I blurt it out to a person I don’t even completely trust. I give out all of my (major) secrets.
“My mom and dad hate me. Before you say this is a normal thing to think let me say this: My dad killed Darren. He was defending me one night when my father came home drunk. If that shocked you this is going to knock your socks of lady. My dad beats me and forces himself on me whenever he wants, and my mom just stands by and encourages him, and telling me I deserve it and that I’m lucky he’s even doing it because I’m too ugly to ever get a guy!” As I was talking she got a completely horrified look on her face, and as she started to reach for her desk phone I said quietly “If you tell anyone what I just told you either he will kill me or I will do it myself.” With that I grabbed my bag and left.

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