My Savior

O.k. so I have taken a lot from other stories but the details are mostly mine. Soooo if you see anything from one of your stories let me know! Please comment! Constructive criticism is appreciated! Please don’t just dis me! BTW none of any of this has happened to me or anyone I know! Also it’s not making fun of emos! I just love the emo stories I read here so I decided to make a couple

Chapter 1

My name I Serena and I am 16. My Hair used to be a really dark brown, but now it’s black. My eyes are green, and I wear really dark makeup. I am pale so people (jerks) say I look like a vampire. That’s probably true to. Hey, I may have said they were jerks but I didn’t say they were never right. You can probably guess we’re all this is going. If most people were to give me a label it would probably be emo. I personally think this is actually a pretty o.k. description. I tend to were all dark colors and long sleeves to cover my arms. Yes I cut. (But I don’t do it for attention, believe me I know my parents don’t notice it.) I actually have a couple really good reasons for doing it. When I was 14 my “dad” killed my brother Darren for defending me when he was drunk one night. My dad still beats on me, and to make matters worse now he feels the need to force himself on me whenever and my mom does nothing about it. I have also had my heart ripped out and stomped on by football cleats (almost literally).Long story short freshman year a little before Darren died I was dating a running back on the football team, but when he tried to get in my pants and I said no so he started calling me a slut. After my brother died and I got depressed so he (along with most of the school) is now calling me emo slut. So ya my life is he!l. The school councilor actually noticed when I started to get depressed so now every day instead of math (which I test out of at the beginning of each school year) I have to see her. She tries to get me to “open-up” and “help-her-help-me” and “trust her” as if I ever could. He would kill me. That’s why I was there today.

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