I have to confess my biggest fear (Please Read)

Chapter 1

I know everyone has fears. There is not a person on this Earth that doesn't. Well, I have been thinking, What is my biggest fear? I kept thinking. I made a list in my head: Spiders, Snakes, Darkness, Spirits. Until, one thing crossed my mind.......... My biggest fear is being alone. What if I never find someone. I will be Alone. I know ya'll are reading this and thinking I am a freak. But I am terrified of not having someone to love someday. I see all of my friends with their boyfriends. Holding hands, Kissing, Hugging, buying each other gifts. It sucks when you have to sit there Single while you watch everyone else in love. I mean, I feel like I am alone. And you know wat else sucks? My ONLY ex-boyfriend confessed to me that he had gone out with me for money. :( I feel used. Like a wet paper towel in a trash can. K, Imma go. Comment. Bye.


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