Watching Your Sister Die (a Hunger Games fan-fic)

This is from Shadow, Glimmer's twin sisters point of view. What happens when you watch your twin sister die in the Hunger Games? What do you feel? How do you live afterwards?

Chapter 1

The Night Before the Reaping

“Glimmer,” I laughed as my sister tickled me. She laughed, and tickled me some more. Tomorrow was the reaping. Neither of us had much of a chance to be chosen. I laughed, and found away to roll out of her grasp. I then tickled her.
“Shadow, quit, that tickles.” Glimmer laughed. Our mum walked in and laughed at us. She had pulled out our reaping day dresses. Glimmer looked at the white glittery material. My dress was a glittery black. It matched out names in a way. We were twins, and neither wanted to lose the other. We both were amazing fighters, and would win if we were the tributes. At least that’s what we thought. Our mom hung up the dresses, and sent us to bed. Tomorrow was reaping day. Tomorrow Glimmer’s fate would be sealed.

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