Anime characters adviceXD

Yep what the anime characters think! X3

Chapter 1

first few

by: _Terbear_
hey this is the first couple of ones I revive and I will try and keep up with them allXD

Sasuke's Question

sasuke- do I have to?

me - yes...yes you do..

Ok luvoriam asked:

What kind of girl do you go for?

sasuke- what kind of question is that?!?

me -answer the damn question!!

Sasuke - fine...I guess a girl who understands me and isn't all over me like ino or sakura!! And she needs to know how to tell others off sometimes. Also she needs to know how to have fun..smirks mischievously

me - T.M.I sasuke...o.O


yuki's Question

Me - hey Yuki

yuki- hey ski nice to be here

Me - ok your Question is from luvoriam

It says:

U use pick up lines? What's ur fav.?

Yuki- I use a lot. I guess its you look nice today miss luvoriam

Me- a classic player...I bet you just as much as a shigure..

Yuki- comment

Me-o.O...I knew it!!
Inuyasha's Question

Me- Hey my half demon friend!!

inuyasha-hey...what is my question already!! Kagome is gonna find me if I dont hurry up looks around

Me- fine...sit boy!!

inuyasha- flinched ...hey not funny

Me -idk but that was pretty funny anyways

ChocolateHeart asked:

Which is better chocolate or lollipops?

Inuyasha- that's my question? What the hell!! Uh! Yuki and sasuke gets to answer a dating question and I am asked about some freakin candy!

Me-shut up and answer the stupid question...(man I liked you way better on fruits basket...but Haru is still...NM)

inuyasha- IDK I guess lollipops because they come in different flavors and they last longer...

kagome- INUYASHA!!

Me- you better inuyasha speed off
Shikamaru's Question

ME- Hey shika!

Shikamaru- what yah wake me up for?

Me- you have a question..

Shikamaru- your so troublesome!

Me- I know! ^_^

Ok KahokoHino_EEVE asks:

Q: Hi, bro. I was wondering, what would be the best way to relax?

Shikamaru- That's easy don't deal with people like ski..

Me- hey!! Shikamaru answer your question and then you could go back to sleep!

Shikamaru-Fine!! Just do nothing. Lay on a hill and stare at the clouds.don't even try to blink just close them completely and you'll be rela....Snores


Remember message me for any question you have for any anime person

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